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  1. flatblackmike

    brian clevenger suspension

    this is only hearsay but i dont think hes doin much with bikes right know. i had some forks done a long time ago and its like he dropped off the planet. wish i could get in touch, they worked out pretty well for me.
  2. flatblackmike

    Thursday night rides

    i would love to join in. no plate though. and im addin a light to the cr as we speak. never done a ride like this, usually just the small local stuff. sounds like a good time
  3. flatblackmike

    STOLEN 2 quads and trailer from puyallup

    well, the trailer turned up, police found it in graham in a ditch. hopefully the bikes soon
  4. flatblackmike

    STOLEN 2 quads and trailer from puyallup

    south hill, gem heights area. yeah he went inside to make some lunch before he was gonna unload and wash everything and POOF! gone..... both still had paddles on em, bikes are stock the suzuki had some cheezy blue flame graphics and the ex300 has a broken flag mount, but nothin that would make em stand out in a crowd
  5. so my father in laws trailer and two quads were pulled right out of his driveway yesterday while he was there. it was a steel flat trailer with folding sides and a yellow suzuki ltz 400 and a red 400ex. if anyone has any info get back to me. 253-377-5955 my name is mike. they are reported stolen but i dont have any specific info like vins or anything but just keep an eye out cause a reward is being offered. thanks guys
  6. flatblackmike

    Short notice ride Wed or Thur?

    where at
  7. flatblackmike

    Top Ends...sales pitch or a bunch of b.s.???

    i do my top every other winter, its just my thing. but my buddie has an 03 cr250 and hes guilty of bike abuse, bad. he is the lazyest mofo ive seen, almost 0 care for his bike,its still on the oem top and the bike looks like its been through wwIII. he might just be lucky, but it still purrs like a kitten
  8. flatblackmike

    More riding partners

    victor falls is a bust, it was cool for the last 20 years, but now its huge fines, and your truck will get broke into cause you have to park off the side of the road. or youll have a sheriff waitin for you when you get back.
  9. flatblackmike

    Craigslist Ad of the Day

    i wish i was close to this dude, 5 bones is a great deal even if it is only halfway professional, i hate changin tires http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/mcy/1675638835.html
  10. flatblackmike

    Craigslist Ad of the Day

    yeah, or "other" large objects ,i wonder whats been in the back of that truck......
  11. flatblackmike

    Craigslist Ad of the Day

    http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/1671095741.html toss in a couple of look at me shots, why not
  12. flatblackmike

    Washington tomarrow ride, 3-28

    is anyone ridin any trails tomorrow early afternoon, like between 1 and 3. im comin from puyallup so somewhere within like an hour or so drive......
  13. flatblackmike

    Do you support what Rob McKenna did?

  14. flatblackmike

    Craigslist Ad of the Day

    http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/mcy/1654314877.html here slckkin this guy says its perfect for that....
  15. flatblackmike

    I have a cool spot in the South Sound area. PM me

    exactly, i push my bike into the woods as far as i can, and try to hurry to get out far to let it warm up. its frustrating knowing that every weekend, or day there are dudes there tearin up the street and the trails that are way to close. but whatever, its all our own responsibility to not be douche bags and have some common sense. I wont be parkin there anymore, i have better ideas.....