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  1. xr-jorger

    Dualsport exc - under $30

    do you have a picture of what exactly you did for the brake light set up? I bought the switch but the explanation escapes my understanding
  2. Went from an xr600r (plated) to a 426 and now FINALLY my plated 2002 400exc the best part is the plate! So far I like the smooth power of this bike. The yz426 def had way more torque than this bike, but the smothness of this bike is pretty awsome. Anyway I love this bike so far and I'm sure I will find more things I love about it as time goes on! sorry for the pics, it was my iphone....
  3. xr-jorger

    00' yz426f before/after pics

    this is more of a before and meanwhile thread so far....you are not quite at after yet!
  4. xr-jorger

    2006 wiring diagram help

    they are on the main harness coming from the from assembly about half way , near or under the gas tank. The numbers on the rear harness are right around the battery. Thanks for checking!
  5. I am trying to help a friend wire up his bike since the previous owner took everything off the bike. What we have is all the stock parts (blinkers, lights keys, comp, etc.) the wiring diagram shows that the harness is 594.11.075.150 but we have 594.11.075.244 . My question is can someone check to see what part number is on their harness? It says its a motherson sumi harness. Did they use the same harness across multiple years. Some colors dont match up and there are alot of left over plugs and it is very frustrating. thanks for any info!
  6. xr-jorger

    street yz... about done.

    2 different issues, apples and oranges. A 49 state compliant car or motorcycle can be registered in California since they are already on road vehicles (and must have 7,500 mi on the odometer) An offroad vehicle is a different story, if it was born off-road only, Kalifornia does not care if you have an on road title in whatever state it came from. When the inspection is done and the vin is run it will show off road only use compliant therefor, unregisterable for street use in Kalifornia. It is complete bs in my opinion and a newer bike is "cleaner " than any old bike could ever be especially with fuel injection coming out. Then again this state does not use common sense most of the time! BTW nice bike jj, I like the way you tucked the rear blinker wires, nice and neat. One question for you have you checked clearance on that plate and rear light set up? When I had my xr the plate would hit the tire when the bike was jumped.
  7. xr-jorger

    street yz... about done.

    I was going to go this route but my friends wife (DMV supervisor) said they still look for epa compliance for CA (the 7th or 8th digit in the VIN#) when they do the inspection. Not to say you cant slip past some DMV's, unfortuneatley in Kalifornia you are screwed when trying to plate a newer bike!
  8. xr-jorger

    2001 Yz426

    I had an xr600r that was (prob still is) bullet proof. With that said the 426 is every bit as reliable as my old xr. Your experience doesnt mean they are a money pit. You prob didnt take care of it anyway......
  9. xr-jorger

    450sx timing?

    I need a link or info on how to time my 04 450sx....broke cam chain and I'm rebuilding it and need to know timing specs ( I dont have a manual!)
  10. xr-jorger

    Dunlop 739 CHEAP

    every cycle gear has them on sale, I bought a set and like em fine
  11. xr-jorger

    426 guys improvising!?!?!?

    +2 for the trailtech, CHEAPER and works great......PMB is nice but, when the trailtech breaks in ten years you can buy another one and still be ahead. P.S.I have the same graphics kit as bryan and its great quality and looks good
  12. xr-jorger

    426 YZ newbie blues

    do yourself a favor and fix it yourself. My buddy's ktm blew up, and we fixed it for $300
  13. xr-jorger

    How to fit a WR 450 in your mailbox

    Love this thread frostbite, keep 'em comin
  14. xr-jorger

    jetting for xr100

    I am putting an exhaust on my sons xr100 and need to know what jetting I should use. I already have a UNI pod filter and airbox is gone. I pulled the end cap off the stock exhaust and want to know if I should rejet. Is uncorking the end cap enough on these bikes, would a new exhaust really do much more over opening up the stock exhaust? thanks. Jetting now is stock and it seems to run great.
  15. xr-jorger

    TrailTech Vapor install with pics

    i read it again and your right. I get what he's saying now