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  1. ourihayon

    bog problems

    the bike is only a 15 hours ridde and the elevation is pretty high does it helps?
  2. ourihayon

    bog problems

    hi there all! i have some bog problems.when i open the thrrotle hard before a jump the bike bogs alittle and the throttle responce is not good. ive checked the valve clearence and everything is good. does anyone have an opinion. i also ride in a very hot conditions and sometimes the altitude is high. thank you
  3. ourihayon

    slip-on or full system?

    are the slip-ons enough or should i get a full system? thank you
  4. ourihayon

    09 exhaust

    is a slip-on muffler would be enough or should i get a full system for my 09crf250? does the slip-ons do something or its a waste of my money? thanks
  5. ourihayon

    yz250f front fork

    hi everybody! ive opened my front forks to change oil but what oil do i nedd?5 or 10? me and my friends have discussed on that issue and some say 5 and some 10.... what do you guys think? and how much should i put inside? thank for all of the answers yz250f 09
  6. ourihayon

    oil filter

    hi guys! ive just got myself a new yz250f 09 model. ofcourse,after the breakin ill have to replace the oil filter and wanted to ask about the reusable oil filter,yes or no? should i use a paper oil filter or the aluminunm is good also? what do you think? thanks
  7. or just have to put them there and jump the triples?
  8. ourihayon

    valves again!!!!!

    thanks for all of the answers!!!!!! but what is the seat cut thing is all about??? what is it? thanks again
  9. ourihayon

    valves again!!!!!

    the bike is well maintained and as i wrote before,it has only 20 hours i dont know what the seat cut thing is all about,anyway,im trying to understand if the problem is at the valves or at the head? thanks again
  10. ourihayon

    valves again!!!!!

    hi guys! i have a 07 crf250r and it has something like 20 hours. in this period of time i have changed the valve shim at the right intake valve once and now its bad again. there is no clearence at all i have 2 more friends that had the same problem.... does someone knows what the problem is? is it the head or waht? thanks alot!