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  1. crhines

    Oil brand suggestions?

    I totally agree - clean oil is much more important than what oil
  2. crhines

    Oil brand suggestions?

    an oil thread...what a novel concept!!! I use Rotella synthetic - if you use any type of oil you are either frivolous with your money or causing premature wear on your motor. I have no data to support any of my claims, but it must be true because another oil thread I read confirmed it.
  3. Mine looks that bad on occasion - the drain plug always has black goo and some metal slivers. I have a 2002 EXC 520 and use Rotella Synthetic (blue bottle) - change oil every 10 hours.
  4. crhines

    ktm oil

    For what its worth, I run Rotella 5/40 synthetic in my 2002 EXC 520 - usually change the oil every 2-3 rides based on riding conditions. Following a recent 2-day ride (about 10 hours total) in the Nevada desert, I sent an oil sample to Blackstone Labs for testing. Result - no viscosity breakdown whatsoever.
  5. crhines

    Leaking Carb overflow 01 520 EXC

    I have a 2002 EXC 520. Gas poors out of the carb overflow tube when the bike is off - doesn't seem to leak much when the bike is running. The float seems fine. Has anyone solved this issue by replacing the rubber needle and seat? Thanks
  6. crhines

    Guts Comfort Seat

    Excellent, so you do not feel the plastic seat shell through the foam?
  7. crhines

    Guts Comfort Seat

    I'm considering a Guts Comfort Seat for my EXC 520. For those that have ridden on this seat, can you feel the plastic seat base through the foam? I previously replaced my factory foam with Guts soft foam and used the factory seat cover. I like the density of the Guts Soft foam but I can feel the plastic through the foam towards the end of the seat (near the fender)....not good. I'm hoping the width of the Comfort Seat will solve this issue, but looking to confirm. Thanks for your input.
  8. crhines

    What Kind Of Oil Do You Use

    Another for Rotella T Synthetic.
  9. crhines

    '06 525 EXC chain question

    I would agree that KTM's are different and require a great deal of chain slack. An alternative to removing the shock is have several 2+ people sit on the bike to compress the rear shock. You need to ensure that the chain is not too tight with the swing arm is at max distance.
  10. crhines

    525 gearing

    13/48 is virtually the same ratio as the 14/52. I have a 2002 520 EXC - I ran a 13/48 for a while and later switched to a 14/52 due to excessive wear on the chain guide. For me the 14/52 is a good compromise for both woods and desert riding, but I would suggest 14/50 or 14/48 for desert only riding.
  11. I ended up going with 116 links wtih 14/52 gearing. Stock on the 2002 EXC 520 is 112 link (14/48 stock gearing). The 116 seems a little longer than stock - I flipped the axel blocks and it works fine.
  12. I have a 2002 EXC 520 with stock sprockets 14/48 and stock 118 link chain. I plan to go to 14/52 sprocket combination. Does anyone know what length of chain I will need with 14/52? Will everything else (like stock chain guides) work with the 14/52 setup? Thanks
  13. crhines

    2007 525 EXC Gearing question.

    I have a 2002 EXC 520 and want to change the sprockets from 14/48 stock to 14/52. How many links will I need to add to the chain? The stock chain is 118 links. Thanks
  14. crhines

    97 xr flywheel

    I have a 1995 XR250R and am considering reducing the flywheel weight. Has anyone tried this - did it make a meaningfull difference? thanks rhines@digitalpath.net