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  1. builttospill6262

    Kawasaki 2000 kawasaki lakota 300 stator

    the quad inst charging so i figure the wire broke inside the stator cover but i go to take the cover off and oil spilled out like a pint is this supposed to have oil in the cover like that or my thought is that the crank seal is bad and why wont it run when theres not jumper cables hooked up to it other than the stator my guess is a voltage reg
  2. builttospill6262

    Yamaha 01 raptor carbs blowing out of boot

    when ever i go for a ride on my raptor the carbs blow out of the boots and it starts to run lean as a bastard so i un do the clamps and throw them back in but they look like they are being bushed out and they shake alot when im riding it is this normal never had it happen to me on any other bike ive owned i just bought it for 2 gs and its mint except for this problem btw i juat wanna ride :bonk: but theres always a probleme
  3. builttospill6262

    I want to race & i need

    if i ride with someone better than me i alweays acomplish somthing that day i do i dont know why but i push to gett as good as that person and vise versa i push other people to do better
  4. builttospill6262

    Not a dirt bike vid but...........

    my buddies neighbor did the same thing on my buddies rm250 let me ride that i can ride it o yah ok dont give it gas right to the limiter and out goes what he thought was the brake right over lol funny
  5. builttospill6262

    did a body...

    love that color combo looks nasty but whats with the ktm on the front
  6. builttospill6262

    dangerousness in jumping?

    if your gonna jump start small i started on a 5 foot table top with a 2000 rm80 me and my buddy took like 100 tries to clear it then after about a year on that i bought a biger bike and moved on up just dont get over your head if you have any doubt in your mind about it then just dont do it I know listening to that alot sucks but it lingers in my head about what can happen so i take it slow until i feel that i am capable of doing the jump and i watch one of my buddies do it then i get to attempt i got a whole list of things before hand lol q
  7. builttospill6262

    Hey, I've got an idea!!!

    reminds me of nepoleon dynamite you got like 3 feet of air that time
  8. builttospill6262

    Merry Christmas, TT!! (racy motobabe dads...)

    me to the birthday part and the pm part lol double presents for christmass and A nasty bday/new years party
  9. builttospill6262

    Old Jeep Engine

    4.0 or 4.2??? and a 350 is a small block just saying not trying to be an a hole
  10. builttospill6262

    theives caught again!!!!!

    a good buddy of mines rm 80 and pw 80 got stolen we found the pw and the kids riding it and found out they were living in a local home for kids who had gotten in trouble well the cops said we cant do anything to them because they are minors in this house which is bs i agree we should have at lieas jail time so the rapists can have them then thell pay with there a$$ literally
  11. builttospill6262

    Stolen Dirt Bikes

    the only reason they do this is for attention then when people get worried becaused its dangerous they say they are never gonna stop why because they are getting more attention when one of them flips over in 5th and dies they will then say that it wasnt his fault bla bla blah you can pull the race card all you want because i think you are 100% correct in saying what you do about people bieng prejudice why? IF see a hickish looking guy you assume that this is achohol related and all the stero types for rednecks apply why because they probabily do thats being prejudice i mean am not prejudice against black people i am predujice against the gang banger bad ass mentality
  12. builttospill6262

    Boyfriend thinks riding is 'too risky'... VENTING!

    kick him in th d**k and call it a day:thumbsup: then the next time he mentions it tell him to rember what happened last time and he will chringe and cover his junk
  13. builttospill6262

    intermitntint sp? spark

    i got a 74 ty 250 and it was running great when i got it 2 years ago but i tried to take it out of storage the other day and it won start ok wwell it dosnt heve spark but when i grab the clip on the top of the plug itll shock the s**t outa me any help on this i believe it is the pointsunder the flywheel but i cant get the flywheel off so untill i find a puller any thing elese to try???
  14. builttospill6262

    Whats In The Pastrana Mini Garage!

    i dont think travis pastrana is sponsered by suzuki because they dont sponser fmx riders but think cernics racing buys them for him could be wrong
  15. builttospill6262

    Funny video

    verry funny "i want you to lean back u kno like tat rap song they came out wit" also led me to find this in the related videos