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  1. rockaukum

    Idle problems - wide open!

    Krannie, Yeah, I saw that information after I started the first time.... Living and learning all the time! I did the rejet a while ago and don't really remember what they were. Perhaps 42 and 155? Does that sound about right, CA riding anywhere from 2000 to 7000'.... also the acc pump. Thanks for the link to the rebuild info. I'll get to it when I return from vaca. Follow-up questions... You say to replace the items, is better, easier, or just the right thing to do? Just wondering.... Again, thanks for the continued input! I'll post a follow-up once I return. ra
  2. rockaukum

    Idle problems - wide open!

    Thanks Guys, Yes the bike ran fine prior to parking it. I did blow out the jets with carb cleaner. I will have to look at the slide plate and seal as I did not mess with them. What was actually "stuck was the needle that goes through the slide and into the jet located in the bowl. Sorry don't know the names for these parts. The needle was stuck in the jet. I popped it out from the bottom and went to work on cleaning the jets as I figured it was gummed up due to sitting. It did look pretty clean but then again the needle was stuck..... Thanks again, ra
  3. The other day my son took the bike (05 crf250x) for a ride. It was hard starting as it had been sitting for a while. Once we got it running, he took off. A little later he came back. Pushing the bike. He said that the throttle had stuck on full! The throttle grip was stuck and would not turn. I got around to checking it out and with the carb removed found that the slide was stuck in the down position. It turned out the needle was stuck. I freed it and and reassembled the carb checking along the way that the cables moved freely and the slide also. Once the bike was back together, I fired it up and it went straight to full throttle! The grip moves freely, you can hear the slide moving up and down (with the bike not running). I'd like to here any suggestions as to possible problems I should look for. I have done a bit of reading around and will start with the Pilot screw (aftermarket) and check spring, washer, and o-ring. Other than that, I'm at a loss. Any help would be great! Thanks, ra
  4. rockaukum

    Throttle stuck wide open

    My son took my bike out yesterday and the throttle became stuck wide open. What was the outcome with yours? Thanks, Rockaukum
  5. rockaukum

    Low tranny oil, too-full crankcase oil

    I'm about to head to the shop to do this seal replacement. One question for now and that is, anybody know the torque setting for the nut on the clutch assembly? thanks for the help and great post. Hoping it saves me lots of time and money! rockaukum Edit update: 33ftlbs for the water pump gear nut 57ftlbs for the clutch assembly 80ftlbs for the crank bolt (all values provided by honda service tech, Thanks to them) So here are some pics that I took of the job The bike before the job. Case cover off Clutch basket (?) off The seal is behind the second set of gears from the right. I had to remove the clutch, the water pump gear and the gear on the crank to do the swap. I think I read a post on how someone did this by only removing the crank gear. don't know how this was accomplished. rockaukum
  6. rockaukum

    Waht does a blown head gasket look like?

    Here is another update on the head problem.... We are loosing all the coolant now. Only a small amount from the head gasket area (also around the studs x2) A majority of the coolant is coming form the overflow tube which makes me think of a bad radiator cap (?). I have tore it down again and the gasket shows a leak from the cylinder. This is what is pushing out the bolt area. The studs do not go into the water jacket so this is not the source of the leak. With the motor apart I will have both sides resurfaced, new studs, and new gaskets and hope for the best! Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Rockaukum
  7. rockaukum

    Waht does a blown head gasket look like?

    I will be tearing it down again and will get the surfaces flat and replace the studs as well. My fingers are crossed for good luck. The surfaces appeared to be flat initially (using a straight edge). When I retorqued the bolts on the head they were not loose as they did not turn when the wrench clicked. With the new studs is it necssary to apply the teflon tape for good measure? Thanks again for the help! Rockaukum
  8. rockaukum

    Waht does a blown head gasket look like?

    Update time... I changed out the head gasket. Noticed the "staining" on the old gasket. Ran the dike around the property about 25 minutes. Bike cooled and retorqued the head bolts. Went for a ride to Pipi. About and hour trip on the bike. After washing the bike I noticed a bit (Small amount) of air coming out of the head between the bolt and the stud. After rereading your post and seeing the part about changing out the studs I think I should change them. Do you think this will eliminate the leak? Will the property of the studs change over time? The coolant in the radiator was down after the Pipi ride and not the initial ride. Thanks much. Rockaukum
  9. rockaukum

    Waht does a blown head gasket look like?

    Thanks for the info. Time for the instal. Rain tonight so the track will be good! RA
  10. rockaukum

    Waht does a blown head gasket look like?

    Thanks for the information. I checked to see if the head was warped or not, it looks good. How about the permatex? I have seen it done in the automotive world but not sure for the motos? RA
  11. My son's 04 cr85r is leaking coolant out the top bolts of the head. I figure its the head gasket and was wondering when I replace it, any recomendations on what sould be done (permatex on gasket, locktite on bolts, ect...)? He was riding when (in his words) it was not runing right and smoking. So he stopped and that was all she wrote. I figued it was a bad gas mix by his mom but the plug looked okay except maybe a bit hot. I tried to start and noticed the radiator was dry and filled it. Then the coolant can out the head. Thanks for the help. rockaukum
  12. rockaukum

    Idle problems on a ttr125

    A question for my neighbor's ttr125. H bought it for his daughter and is having trouble getting it to idle. He says it runs great at speed but just won't idle. He can't fine a idle adjustment screw, and doesn't think there is one. The carb was full of old fuel so he cleaned it thoroughly before initial start. The bike has had several modifications to the suspension and leads us to believe it may have been jetted. So, is this a fuel issue, a jetting issue or is there something else he might check into? He is currently looking into a new carb but $$. Thanks for any help. Rockaukum
  13. rockaukum

    How do you like your CRF250X?

    I have had mine for about 100 miles now. What an improvement over the xr400 I sold! Still learning about the maintence but that ain't bad! Enjoy when you get it! Rockaukum
  14. rockaukum

    front suspension problem? or not?

    Thanks for the information. I'm at work until Wednesday AM so I'll try to adjust the axle then. there was air in both front tubes. Once the air was released that is when I was able to move the suspension through the cycle. It was very difficult to collapse the front prior to this. I thought the stiff front was due to a higher setting so I sofened it 4 clicks but that was tooo soft. I ended up by adjusting only one click, but i'll try the fork adjustment and reset the stiffness back to the original setting. Thanks again, rockaukum
  15. 05 crf250x with springs replaced on front end. My concern is that the front does not move freely. At least initially. When I try to compress the front forks there is resistence then it gives in and cycles freely. Is this in need of concern. When I bought the bike I was told it was set up for a 200# rider (have the reciepts) which is my size. Thaks for any help. Rockaukum