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  1. btimothy4

    TB logo on the motor? size?

    I picked up a used 2005 KLX110 last week for my daughter and was cleaning it up. I noticed a TB logo on the motor - I assume that the motor has a Trail Bike bore kit - my question is, how do you know what size it is?
  2. btimothy4

    Converting a XR400 into a mild street -tard

    I went with Wiesco kit, I have had good luck with them in the past. My gas mileage has stayed about the same once I got past the 'playing' stage- too much fun doing 0-60-0. Top speed as near as I can tell is around 90 mph (I have a trail tech and I'm not sure how accurate it is). The fact that we don't have a 6th gear will make it hard to get past the 100mph mark. The bike kick over on the 1st or 2nd kick. Your right, you lose the compression release, but it doesn't seem to be a problem. The bike vibrates a tad more, but not bad. I put on around 3000 miles a riding season and generally rebuild every other season - piston and rings are cheap and to me its cheap insurance just to take care of it before its a problem.
  3. btimothy4

    Converting a XR400 into a mild street -tard

    I have a 96 that I have set up as a Supermoto for the street and a little track time.... As far as performance mods - I went with a 40cc bore kit (so it's actually a 440 now), Big Gun Quiet header and muffler, Mukini 36 mm pumper carb (totally gets rid of the flat spot the XR suffer from off the line)and finally a Hot cam, stage 2. Opened up the air box and installed a K&N filter. I run a 15/40 sprocket combo. Gives good off the line performance and has a top speed around 100 mph. I run 17" Excel rims, talon hubs, Mich. Pilot for tires. Brakes are updated with a Motomaster large wave front disc, stock in the rear.... the suspension is "stock" but set up for my weight. I run it a couple "clicks" on th stiff side on the street... By far this is the best, most fun bike I have ever owned. Bullet proof and cheap..... good luck with the project
  4. btimothy4

    Honda Supermoto?

    You can get them here in the US from Cycle Imports in FL - http://www.cycleimports.com/acatalog/Exotics.html bottom of the page He gets a couple in every month, so you can pre-order, or buy what he has in stock. Ozzy is the owner and a good guy to deal with