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  1. Thank you! Ill get some more pictures when I get home for you. Its an old Kitaco 115 kit that has provisions for oil cooler on the right side of the cylinder. The oil cooler is a china special that I adapted on. Its a cnc aluminum cooler that holes up well to abuse.
  2. It will be like the TK link that is no longer available. There is a difference, I am not sure where the cutoff is. If I need to make a different piece for your year bike I will. Aside from the stem, mine goes on with off the shelf/OEM parts
  3. Time Left: 10 days and 2 hours

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    Kitaco 88 SE. Coming off my street mini with low hours on a re-ring and hone. No smoke, no issues, rev's close to 12k rpm. I am selling the piston, cylinder, complete head (no side cover where the oil cooler goes) jetted 20mm keihin carb with intake and filter


  4. Time Left: 10 days and 2 hours

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    Seat and oversized tank for an XR600. on a 1993 should fit most of them. Price is for both, seat could use a seat cover


  5. Time Left: 10 days and 2 hours

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    Comes with computer and Scotts mount. Fresh batteries. https://www.icoracing.com/


  6. Stator pickup coil. To add to Socalxr, looks like one of the bolt heads sheared that hold it on. get that out and replace and you should be good. if not replace that pickup coil as the tab on the flywheel may have damaged it from being too close.
  7. I never had the issue with the plate, it was the fretting of the fork lower. I used 6061-T6. I am exited that you are having good luck. Did you ever say if the front wheel was centered in the forks? Id almost wager that it is not from my experiences. To center the wheel, I had to mill off some of the numb for the brake drum.
  8. I did 3/16 because I had it in the garage ha. I ended up making a custom stem and putting a CR80 front on.
  9. I have done this before and I was not happy with the result. I found the cast nub for the drum brake to be a poor locator with the rounded edges leading onto the fork tube. I also seem to remember the clearances being really tight on the caliper side. Is the wheel 100% centered in the forks. For me, over time the caliper bracket would frett on the fork leg.
  10. Have not shortened the forks yet, once i get the rear link done and dialed I will shorten the front to balance. Need to see what I Get out of the rear 1st. No stem photos, its a round shaft and looks like any other steering stem.
  11. Please express interest in on the thread below: I got you.
  12. Hi, I think I can answer your question. I would run a cross over from tank to tank at the top and bottom. Oil in on one side (tank 1) should be up high, and oil out on the other (tank 2) should be low. The thermal effects of the oil tanks to the frame will be minimal but you should isolate them on rubber like the oem radiators to protect against vibrations, single cylinders vibrate a lot. I do not see what you have done as a cooler, but more like an oil tank in a cool location. Size your cross overs, inlet and outlet the same diameter as the OEM 400ex tubes and the pump shouldn't care. I would not worry about flow rate if you size them the same. The OEM xr400 setup had a vent tube that went from the frame to the crankcase I believe, I think you need some sort of PCV vent to crank case in your setup as well. Hope that helps...
  13. All, I am working on this stuff now. Please express interest on the above thread.
  14. I usually use whatever wheel bearing grease I have in the garage, just a light coating. Make sure the rubber boots get a good seal too. You are spot on for the pin and caliper bore wear. All the pin does is guide and allow the caliper to center itself as the pads wear, its not something that slides in and out every time you hit the brakes. Try some wheel bearing grease.