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  1. Napoleon Dynamite anyone? What about a Yamaha Blaster?
  2. Nail on the head! It keeps the combusting gasses in the cylinder longer and this helps the bottom end power. There are many reasons why to have one vs not, and it all depends on what the rider is doing with the bike.
  3. This is a general answer to your general question. They will bolt up and the bike will run. You will not be able to tune it very well because the devil is in the details. The China carbs will have different needles, jets, and tuning parameters so you will not be able to buy Japanese carb parts and use them. Your factory carbs are all available through Honda along with parts for repair. Your XR has not lasted this long on china parts...remember that
  4. Nothing wrong with a v6...its all in what you do with it. Manufacturers are going that direction because they get dinged tax wise for having a v8. Here are some good v6's IMO And for the record my truck has a V8 and is not a ford
  5. No, you will not find a new real one for cheap. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-ATC200X-carburetor-carb-FREE-SHIPPING-83/112773750527?hash=item1a41d6deff:g:AQIAAOSwALtaaMy7&vxp=mtr Stay away from the 'new' carbs unless they are from a dealer and have an OEM part number
  6. Find yourself an ATC200x carb. Ditch the china carb. Get the webcam 68/69 camshaft and it will be dialed! I ditched the stock air intake on mine but kept most of the airbox for the mudflap
  7. Just call Kibblewhite and send them a photo or tell them to look here. They should be able to help you out the best. Sparkroost is right, these other replys will get your engine blown up...
  8. Hey, I have an 02 450R with an Athena 490 kit and webcam with oversized DLC buckets. I will be getting a new bike soon and think this one is too gnarley for a spare bike so I want to mellow it out. That being said, is anyone interested in the race came with cam tower and buckets or the bore kit with piston and DLC wrist pin that has 20 hours on it? I have the stuff to make it stockish again. this way ill keep it as a spare bike.
  9. I run them for MX. They have saved my hands and lever more than once for sure. I run the metal insert full wrap around acerbic type.
  10. Fuel and oil would leak if not cap'd. If it sits like that for too long air could go from the master cylinder into the brake system. but if its just for a few mins you will be ok
  11. What is different from this and a stock nissin front caliper? Are the bore sizes different? more pistons? Changing the material from a cast piece to a billet and changing nothing else will not make it stop better. Most people will use an oversize rotor with a braided line and have all the brakes they ever need. Why spend 400 bucks on a front caliper?
  12. If you watch a video he posted, he wacks the throttle open. You and I are on the same page here, he needs to go back to the OEM carb and sort out his jetting. Throwing china parts at it is not a solution
  13. I had to trim a smallbit from the back. I ran the mx rear fender too
  14. http://www.aloop.com/ an 04 crf450 front will fit too