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  1. Mrrcx

    XR100 with CR80 Front End Interest Thread

    I am sorting out the legal stuff so I can sell them to the public. Then you will all know when they are for sale. I Also have no problem sending them to Canada...eh.
  2. Mrrcx

    XR100 with CR80 Front End Interest Thread

    How about another teaser shot to document progress? (look on top of the seat...)
  3. Mrrcx

    XR100 with CR80 Front End Interest Thread

    The wheel sizes have not changed compared to a stock XR100. The bike will sit 2 inches taller compared to a stock 100.
  4. Mrrcx

    XR100 with CR80 Front End Interest Thread

    Any of you guys around SoCal?
  5. Mrrcx

    XR100 with CR80 Front End Interest Thread

    The latest photo shows how it will sit. I did not shorten the forks, just moved them up in the clamps. I will end up shortening them 2 inches just so the forks sit flush in the clamps but only for looks.
  6. Mrrcx

    XR100 with CR80 Front End Interest Thread

    Hey, Yea its the big wheel front. Same wheel size as stock XR100 (19) Iv'e had and been using a works shock with a BBR spring, any stock length xr100 shock will work. I also have a takegawa shock I need to try out. Making 1 mod for a seal on the link because I wasn't happy with it. Going to hit the dirt as soon as its ready. Testing up and down the street feels so right! I went off a curb and did not bottom out, talk about an odd feeling on an xr100!
  7. Mrrcx


    TB is trail bikes brand sold by Vince at TboltUSA. great bang for buck parts
  8. Mrrcx

    XR100 with CR80 Front End Interest Thread

    Rear link CNC'd, Time for some dirt testing! How's she looking?
  9. Mrrcx

    Anyone use aftermarket xr100 cdi?

    I run a Daytona CDI on mine. I am happy with the improvement on response. Then again I do not have a stock engine.
  10. Mrrcx

    XR100 with CR80 Front End Interest Thread

    Here is a little Friday night treat for you guys. My stem fully finished and installed (had to make some small mods to make me happier. The link is 3d printed, and using off the shelf XR100 linkage bearings/bushings. Time to make that link out of metal and put some miles on it. What do you guys think? Who wants one of each?
  11. Mrrcx

    Exposed air filter, is this normal?

    The intake you have is a trailbikes kit https://www.ombwarehouse.com/26mm-performance-carb-kit-mikuni-vm26-01-current-models.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImM3emevv3AIVkksNCh0R9gpSEAkYASABEgKsVPD_BwE. The carb is a mikuni VM26-606. The point of the long intake is to let the chocke plunger clear on that carb. I have run that setup before and it does ok, I prefer the kitaco VM26 setup though. You can run the oem exhaust heat shield on that exhaust and will save you some burnt legs. I am not concerned with the lack of spacer between that intake and the head as what you are trying to prevent temperature to is the carburetor, and that is isolated with the rubber boot. That intake actually runs cool with the engine running. People have commented about that type of filter and I agree am not a fan. a nice foam uni pod filter with a prefilter on it will work out just fine. You can make a mudflap for the rear to help keep things clean if youd like, that's what I use my stock airbox for only. the oem airbox will not work with the intake and carb you have on there as is. If it was me, I would change the filter only and run it and have fun. Just clean and service the bike as needed.
  12. Mrrcx

    Xr100 with suspension and motor upgrades

    I love everything aside from the front fender and lack of mudflap. Nice work! You send it yet?
  13. Mrrcx

    Lactose Intolerance

    Take a lactose pill before dairy and move on. Lactose tolerance is not something natural to humans. Cows milk is foreign to us, but we have a tolerance as children that goes away.
  14. Mrrcx

    Black xr100 xr 80 rims

    Send one out for powerdercoating or anodizing? PS lets see some pix of that ride!
  15. Mrrcx

    Anyone have an xr 100 works shock for sale?

    I just got off the phone with them...?