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  1. i had the same problem and i trued my wheel. i was riding on an indoor track and i landed a little bit sideways and 15-20 of my rear wheels spokes snapped on impact and i went over the bars. so it hasent gotten to the worst for you lol
  2. thanks guys ya i have a lot of fun in my back yard i live on an acre and my track is on like 1/4 of an acre but i wouldent ride anything bigger than a 50 or 110.... i got the dirt from my pool being dug out and we just rented a small tractor to move the dirt around and the rest i did with a shovel... took a while but its been well worth it...
  3. i ordered the tag x5's with the "MINI" bend and it is the exact same hight as stock. the sweep is increaced in the tags tho.
  4. off* srry
  5. you gotta ride it like a 4 stroke did you come of a 2 smoke?
  6. i had some trouble getting mine too... its just that some dealers get priority over others plus people are buying them faster than they can be made
  7. whatever you do dont get a excel liftstand because the top is made of 1/8 in steel and it bent to crap after about 10 lifts on it, and the rubber mat dosent stay on...
  8. i have a crf 150 and i just got a 170 kit for it but my problem it that the rpm is way to high right when i start. do i need to rejet it?? o ya thanks for all of the info!