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  1. I need a seat base that I can send to guts racing, they can install their enduro style taller/wider medium foam and cover.
  2. who makes a complete replacement seat for the 05 wr 250? I plan to send it to guts racing and have them modify it. I want to save the stock seat. Dennis Kirk has a moose racing seat listed for the 05 wr but said the listing was a mistake in their catalog
  3. About a thousand years ago I raced 2-stroke CR's and YZ's and the maintenance didn't seem that bad. For sure the 2-strokes are easy to work on. I love my 05 WR (my first 4-stroke) and plan to keep it unless Yamaha comes out with E.F.I. instead of the carb in the near future. Yup, 4-strokes for me
  4. Model (YZ or WR 250F): 05 WR 250 Timing (WR-YZ): stock Main jet: JD 180 Pilot Jet: stock 40 Fuel screw (turns out): 1.75 - 2 Needle model/Clip position: JD blue 4 Airbox lid (on or off): lid on, removed snorkel Pipe: stock with PMB insert Altitude where you ride: 1400 Temperature where you ride: 55 - 85 Other mods: ZipTy fuel screw, 40 leak jet, gray wire, YZ throttle stop Degree of satisfaction: Big improvement over stock
  5. Good idea. My 05 WR jetting was way off out of the box. It would have been tough to figure out the jetting on my own and the dealer sure as hell couldn't have done it. Yup, seeing other peoples jetting combos helped me!
  6. Just my opinion, but I would think FMF could supply a dyno sheet with the jetting specs, altitude, temp and humidity. You know that they have this info when they developed the pipe. As said, this would at least give the guy a baseline for jetting.
  7. OK. Thanks everyone.
  8. Anyone know if an 05 WR 250 seat is the same as the 05 YZ seat ? How about the tank and rad shrouds ?
  9. Glad to see you didn't take any of this B.S. I would'nt have towed his vehicle myself, but two of his tires would have lost air until the trooper showed up. I'll bet this guy had a few too many wedgies in high school and decided to go into law enforcement.
  10. I ride on state and federal land, they seem to have a lot of land in Minnesota. Do you know who really owns that land - it's me and all of the other taxpayers. I'm not out ripping up anything but I do get a little tired of the DNR and Forestry guys eyeballing me like I'm some kind of criminal. Law officers need to use a little more common sense and be a little less emotional before jumping out in front of a dirt bike and trying to grab someone. I know that in some areas officers are instructed to break off a chase rather than put innocent people at risk.
  11. " Tank Slapper " another old school term from the days of poor suspension. I had a 74 YZ that was excellent at this.
  12. I like my 05 WR. If it has a weakness I'd say that the air box and exhaust baffle are restrictive and my jetting was off out of the box, but all that can be fixed easily with the info on this forum. One complaint - the seat is too hard!
  13. This is my wifes bike so the crf or wr is too much power for her. I did drop the forks down and adjusted the compression clickers all the way, it helped. I think the forks got worse after she got some miles on the bike.
  14. I like my 05, but plan to replace the seat, it's way too hard.
  15. I think it would help. Everybody could list their jetting, altitude,airbox and pipe mods. This way all of this info would be in one place. My new 05 was so far off that it would have been nice to compare it to combinations that work.