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  1. micksXR400

    Rear Sag?

    I set my rear static sag to 28mm and my rider sag to 105mm and my bike looks like a jacked up 72 Nova. Is this really the proper settings?
  2. micksXR400

    Beginer Set Up?

    My son is 12 years old and likes to ride but is very novice (unlike some screaming banshee 12 yo's) He had an XR 100 that worked good for him but he grew. I mean a lot! He's 6'1" now and 155lbs. We went out yesterday and bought a brand new 04 KX250F (leftover) which fits him great. What is the most forgiving and easiest to ride settings on the comp/damp front and rear on this type of bike. I don't want the fastest I want the easiest. We are still in the learning stage not the racing stage. TIA
  3. micksXR400

    ID Chinese Engines

    Is there a resource where I can ID chinese clone engines as to who mfg it? Lifan, lonchin etc....
  4. micksXR400

    KY hare scrambles

    Northern KY means your close to southern ohio. Southern Ohio Cross Country has a wholeseries. http://www.humboldthills.com/soccracing.html
  5. micksXR400

    Hatfield-McCoy Trails

    I'm in the Cleveland area. I would (and will) take my kids to the Allaganey's(sp?) system though. Nice one way trails with tougher side trails for dad.
  6. micksXR400

    Hatfield-McCoy Trails

    You need to be very careful taking your 10 year old son on his first dirt bike with limited exp. Eventhough H&M is one of the best (if not the best) trail sytems around it has several problems for young riders. (I rode Dinges Rum system) #1 it is not a 1 way loop so you will be constantly looking for some monster Quad coming up a tricky downhill. (Can be busy during prime time) #2 It is in the mountains (not hills) so one side of the trail is a near vertical drop (little margin for error) #3 Green trails which are rated as "easy" are not easy on some trails systems(dingess rum for one) #4 Its really rocky. Take a look at the pic gallery. Most of the trails are like the narrow rocky ones not the wide open nice ones (those are few and far between) As the father of two riders and a rider myself I would not take my 8 and 12 year there. It would be me constantly looking over my shoulder to see if they were still standing.
  7. micksXR400

    Trials snob

    I would equate Trials riding to Golf the enver ending pursuit of the perfect round! Fore!~!!