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  1. I am actually replacing new (and leaky) metzeler inner tubes on my vintage BMW, and I know that thumper people have to know who makes the best inner tubes, resistant to slow leaks, punctures, etc. I have to get them in size 3.5x18". ? Danke!
  2. wickswalker

    Carb adjustments - won't IDLE

    FIXED! You guys rock. Little biatch was plugged. Blew the little ****er out with some compressed air and it runs greeeeat now. Cheers!
  3. wickswalker

    Carb adjustments - won't IDLE

    Reference on fixing that? Pull carb I assume...
  4. wickswalker

    Carb adjustments - won't IDLE

    Bike sits for extended periods - this time I had to replace rear tube and the thing won't idle. Only starts when I choke it. Lost the manual. Not usually such a dork, but any thoughts? When it does run it sputters/backfires (while choked). ? What are the carb screw adjustments. The big air screw, but what's the little one on the bottom of the carb?