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  1. ride_red_01

    Street Legal XR400R?

    I've got mine street legal. I went the the baja designs kit. I get hassled by the local pigs on a regular basis, but they never find anything. I'm legal except for my tires. I've had the baja designs kit since I bought my 400 new in 98. I put some smaller turn signals on, but other than that I'm very happy with the kit. I'm just trying to find some street tires for the stock wheels now.
  2. ride_red_01

    XR 400 Rebuild 2006

    maier makes a decent looking motocross style rear fender for the xrs.
  3. ride_red_01

    Reasonable price to ask for my XR400?

    I don't have a picture handy, but i'l try to get one. I've ridden mainly dual sport. It's done the LA-barstow-to vegas a couple times, a had a little time in baja, a week at glamas, and other than that it's been babied.
  4. My bother crashed wearing tech 8's. I'm an ems worker, i see crashes all the time, and i'm telling you they saved his foot big time. The foot peg went through all but the last layer of the boot and didn't leave the slightest bruise. he broke his femur, but his foot is just fine. I won't wear anything but alpinestars.
  5. I am thinking of selling my xr400 to get a new crf 450, but don't know what to ask for my 400. It's a 1999 in great condition. IMS big see through tank, baja designs dual sport kit, summers racing fork brace, summers hand guards, summers skid plate, summers case saver, pro taper bars, ICO computer, mx rear fender w/led brake/tail light, exhaust, and lots of spare parts, including all stock parts. If anyone can give me some ideas of where to start please let me know.