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  1. I Have the 30 day Photo Shop trail now its expired and asks for a serial code. I was wondering if any one here would have the serial code for it?
  2. If you want to give your bike a little pop, i suggest the pod filter, chm exhaust, and re-jetting the carburetor. When i shift in second, the front wheel comes of the ground.
  3. ctx285

    Big pegs

    I heard that Phat50s were good.
  4. ctx285

    need help (pics)

    Your bike is running rich. When running lean, it is white. You want it to be a nice golden brown (like a turkey). Read this and that should fix the problem. http://www.ministothemax.com/hop_ups_carb_tuning.htm
  5. ctx285

    New Bike??

    k thanks everyone. I'm gunna hunt around for a YZ125 then and give 1 a go.
  6. ctx285

    New Bike??

    How are the CRF250X's?
  7. ctx285

    New Bike??

    Yeah I guess cutting out some seat foam would be good. I don't know much about racing bike suspension, but isn't it adjustable?
  8. ctx285

    New Bike??

    So how much would I be able to lower a YZ125 for my height b/c I sat on a CRF230 before (seats at 34 inches) and tht seemed big while the YZ125 is at 39 inches.
  9. ctx285

    New Bike??

    Or learning on a XR70 for a month, XR80 for 2 years, and a CRF150 for 3 months??
  10. ctx285

    New Bike??

    I'm just checking something here. I found a site saying the YZ125's seat height is 39 inches. I'm 120 pounds, when I sit on the bike how much will that sag?
  11. ctx285

    New Bike??

    So what would you guys recomend? YZ RM KX CR SX
  12. ctx285

    New Bike??

    Sorry I meant motocross. I get motocross and supercross mixed up alot. I'm also hoping to get a bike that does not need alot of matience....but I know that's not going to happen.
  13. ctx285

    New Bike??

    I was talking about track racing, not alot though. And a 450?? Wouldn't that be a little big?
  14. ctx285

    New Bike??

    I've been looking for a bike and been wondering what would suit me. I'm 14 years old, I'm 5'6, 120 pounds, not very strong..lol..., have a good amount of riding expirence. I'd be racing, but mostly offroading. I have no expirence with a 2-stroke at all. I'm not picky on color. What should I look into?
  15. ctx285

    quick xr80 mods

    Is there any mods or anything, that won't cost money, I can do to make my 2000 xr80 go faster or perform better??