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  1. Weird. Of the +20,000 miles on my honda XR650R I've only run 606s (other than the stock tires for a little while)...I have NEVER had any problem with chunking...and I ride this thing pretty freakin hard on and off-road. I also exclusively ran 606s on my KLR650 with no problems of chunking....I have no suggestions for you!! Good luck, and I hope you get this sorted out.
  2. Maroast

    moble 1 syn oil

    I bought my XRR 2 years ago brand new...with the exception of ONE oil change, my bike has only seen mobile 1 full synth oil (gold cap)...I change the oil somewhere between every 500-1000 miles too. If this dude tries to tell you that this oil wont work well in bikes hes FOS. After +20,000 miles of serious abuse I have experienced absolutely no premature clutch slipping...and my bike consumes no oil.... so I guess this oil cant be too bad for our bikes
  3. Ouch. Sorry to hear that man. When I first started riding motorcycles a couple years ago I did the same thing on a brand new set of Dunlop 606s....its a weird feeling to be sliding down the road on your back while watching your bike slide away from you and shooting sparks everywhere. Be safe next time!
  4. Maroast

    XR650R clutch ?

    My clutch is starting to slip now under heavy load and I was thinking of doing this instead of buying a whole new clutch setup (I finish school in 7 days and my new job doesn't start till Aug...then I can start throwing money around) Were you able to go to the dealer and just buy one SS disc? I want to put as little money into this thing right now.
  5. Maroast

    how bad is it to do this

    Hey, welcome to the xr family Tune up...it's mad easy to do...save some money and do it yourself. Wheelies....my bro has an 08 xr650l... he put a new foam air filter in, fmf can, smog blockoff kit, and uncorked the airbox. We also threw my old xr650r carb on it and the bike runs a TON better (the carb still has to be ironed out though) ....the bike will easily do roll-on wheelies in 2nd gear (no clutch at all)...but thats a couple hundred dollars in mods I have the manuel for the xr650l if you want...just PM me with your email address and I'll send it you you. Tom
  6. Maroast

    XR650R stator rewind giveaway

    We have a taker folks!
  7. Hey martinfan30, I'm not sure if I can put this thread in here, but I really want this to go out to one of my XR650R homies....so pleas forgive me if its not the appropriate forum. This forum has been very good to me and I want to return the favor. I have a spool of wire here (I forget the gauge, but I think 18) for a stator rewind. I used this wire to rewind my stator over a year ago and it has been working awesome ever since...not a flaw. There is enough on this spool for one rewind...and I'm willing to bet you can get two out of it. Whoever wants it ***for FREE*** shout out. All I ask is that if there is enough left, pass it along to someone else. Deal? Heres a pic...the dime is in there for a visual reference. Later ya'll Tom
  8. Bummer man, sucks to hear your going to have to do a motor build. I don't want to talk crap and jinx myself (so that my motor explodes tomorrow) BUUUUUUUT..... I bought my XRR brand new in the sumer of 2006 and I now have well OVER 20,000 mile on it without a rebuild AT ALL!!!! This is and has been my daily commuter for the 2 years (no car), and I beat the living snot out of it. Ritually bounce it off the rev limiter and take it to ~100mph....tons of dirt riding (just did an 8hr dualsport ride on Sat). If the motor is getting sloppy, I cant detect it! It will rip 3rd gear wheelies @ ~40mph no problem at all. And burns NO oil! NONE! I don't baby this thing either...oil changes about every 1000-1500 miles (mobile 1 gold cap only) and a valve adjustment at the same time (my valves have been tightening up a bit though). I've been VERY pleased with the life of this motor :rolleyes: Heres a little vid I threw together of me and my bro putzing around on his brand new xr650l (his first time on dirt w/ it) ****Sorry, I didnt mean to hijack your thread, but thought this input was relevant to the topic****
  9. Maroast

    What is this crap that fell of my bike???

    XRL abortion?
  10. Yikes. What kind of clutch did you put in? Honda? Or something else? I ride my bike pretty much 5-7 days a week on and off road...I use my clutch A LOT, and it is finally shot after about 1.5 years of use!!! I don't race, but I'd like to think that I ride this thing fairly hard.
  11. Maroast

    Keep the XR?

    E. All of the above
  12. Maroast

    Ever find anything wierd on a DS ride?

    Its just a little mud dude. Apparently the guy who got his truck stuck in that mud pit really didn't care too much if his truck got a little dirty.... on a side note: Judging from the boat in the woods, there appears to be a problem out there with illegal dumping (a major problem here on Long Island)... also, it appears there's a load in the bed of that truck.... I wonder if the drive was heading into the woods to do a little illegal dumping and got stuck in the process... if that was the case i really woulnd have thought twice about taking out some windows (I hate illegal dumping)
  13. Maroast

    turning a xr650r to a supermoto!

    It's really preference man. You really haven't provided us with any information... like, is the bike fully stock? or did you buy it from a dude who installed 13 X 52 sprockets. How far do you plan on riding each time you throw a leg over this thing? If its any help, I've found 15X45 to be a pretty good setup for road riding...it even works for fairly aggressive off-road work (but will require a bit of clutch work to modulate the power).
  14. Maroast

    Iron Butt on a XRR?

    ug....that sounds pretty horrific. I rode my 2006 XR650R from Dallas, Texas to St. George, UT in September 2006. The trip is around 1300 miles each way and took me about 2.5 days to do. It was hard!!!!!!!! Talk about pain and boredom!!! I did it out of necessity, not really fun. Oh yeah, I was running 15X45 gearing, dunlop 606 tires ( ) and a Baja Designs headlight (absolutely no wind protection).
  15. Maroast

    Excel Wheels

    ...and comes with a pretty awesome crack in it..... I'd feel pretty comfortable doing +90mph on that wheel Hey, at least there are no flat spots on the rear!