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  1. mellowjonny

    06 450 backfire

    I had 11 hours on the new top end before i discovered that "someone" had installed that fresh wisco backward. As Numroe said bent valves and nice indents on the top of a new piston although it did provide good entertainment for all my riding buddies. It would pop really bad on all decels. Hope my stupidity helps--
  2. mellowjonny

    06 450 backfire

    Maybe you put the piston in backward--arrow toward the front---i'm not admitting any experience with this problem by offering this advise--possible to many beers that night i rebuilt the top end.
  3. mellowjonny

    Interesting article on the 07

  4. mellowjonny

    Interesting article on the 07

    Thanks for the link- I switched the mounts around this morning and when i rode this afternoon the bike felt more nimble in the air and cornering. I found the parts at Tacoma Screw Products and this is what i used. 1 --(1) 10mm x 130mm zinc 8.8 Steel Hex Cap Screw 2.--(2) 3/8" steel shaft collars they are 10mm thick--just needed to drill out the centers a bit with a 7/16 bit so the 10mm (screw) bolt slides through the center. 3--(2) 8mm x 130mm zinc 8.8 steel hex cap screws 4--(4) 5/16" steel shaft collars for each side of the 8mm screws--they are 9mm thick so i inserted a steel metric flat washer up against each 5/16" collar to thicked to 10mm. All parts where in stock and cost $7.29--used stock motor mounts and nuts 06 kx450f again thanks for the info.
  5. mellowjonny

    Recluse Clutch

    I actually have never heard of any problems associated with riding through the whoops (nor do I know how you would pinpoint that particular obstacle with clutch failure). The Rekluse Company is based here in my home town and five guys that I know of race MX with them here. I know of no clutches coming apart, not saying they doen’t, just never heard of any problems with them. My three buddies I ride with all have the Rekluse: one old style and two with the pro model all have between 110 and 135 hours on them. We can get another review soon from Numroe—he has my old one.
  6. mellowjonny

    Recluse Clutch

  7. mellowjonny

    Recluse Clutch

    Sorry for the slow reply-- I had the pro model--it is now on it's way to australia 1. I would include much less wheel spin 2. Big advanatage on starts--really nice going from concrete to dirt out of the gate. 3 Using the clutch lever on the pro model is no different than your stock clutch that comes in the bike. Not so good 1. you need high idle to gain all the engine breaking you had prior to installing the clutch. When you have completed your breaking coming into a corner--you let off the rear brake --the clutch engages at the speed of the high idle causing you accelerate--you would need to drag the rear brake to the apex of the corner to keep the speed even. does that make sense? weird for me. if you don't mind a little freewheeling then you would have no problems. 2. Burn up clutch--this is true but i think you would have to be a beginner that never got any better for this to happen. I ride with three guys who all have over 100 hours on them without touching them. Hope this helps--
  8. mellowjonny

    Recluse Clutch

  9. mellowjonny

    Recluse Clutch

    Kid--- Youth (you saying i don't know what i talking about) Manny I’m 42 years old. I do practice with the young riders and i would never compare myself to being at there level but i have been able to beat them to the first corner with the Rekluse. As i said on page one of this thread i just removed the clutch because i didn't like having to run the idle real high to maintain the engine breaking. We have Seibler--Weimer and Evans who are locals that practice here when they are around. As far as pro's using this clutch I’m not aware of any--lots of vet pro's like myself. I have spent alot of time messing with all the settings on this clutch--I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about--By the way I will not be at mammoth this year--three knee surgeries in the last 10 months, my life currently is filled with physical therapy. You might see me at Honey Lake if i feel ok.
  10. mellowjonny

    Recluse Clutch

    I Realllllly like the power of a 450 when I get a really good launch off the line - -I couldn't disagree with you more there-- on saturday as with the few times i've race with the Rekluse i've gotten the holeshot. Having two guys from here, that race when they can locally and also supercross at the same time gives me a good gauge on speed all over the track with the rekluse. On saturday on a dirt start i beat the guy who won this years us open and a 08supercross 3 out of 4 times. The guy i practice with just signed with solitare a few weeks ago and can rarely beating me coming off our concrete start at our track. As you stated you have very little experience with them but i certainly do not--why are you compelled to "hate" something you have very little experience with. There were several riders at lorettas this last year that raced with them and did really well. I'm an amature that can beat pro's at one aspect of the game because of the clutch that says something i think.
  11. mellowjonny

    Recluse Clutch

    I found one of the really nice advantages of the Rekluse was the ability to remove ball weights--so i could ride in sand and soft conditions w/ 24 balls which really softened up the power delivery to the rear wheel. (KX neutering--by removing some balls).
  12. mellowjonny

    Recluse Clutch

    I just took mine out yesterday after riding motocross only for the last 4 months with it. Rekluse is a local company here in Boise and if i wasn't only riding on a track i would leave it in. I could never get comfortable with the lack of engine braking going into corners at race pace--in practice just below race pace I loved it. In order to salvage a little bit of engine braking you have to raise the idle pretty high which causes the bike to slightly accelerate after braking (rear) which i found weird. If you keep the idle low the rear wheel will free wheel after applying the rear brake (some people like this, not me). It is very hard to stall the bike i think in 4 months i have done it twice. I am selling it now, so if you trail ride and want one let me know. I should say there are 4 or 5 guys here who do race motocross with the pro model and the older model and love them. Hope this helps.
  13. mellowjonny

    Might me getting a 06

    OK-let's go at this nicely--I have 158 hours on my 06 i change the oil every 4 hours. I always remove both bolts if i do not remove the filter i put in 975 cc's. If the filter is removed i put in 1000 cc's. I never use the sight glass to gage the amout of oil i have put in and i have never had any problems. I hope this helps. Here's a link http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=354925&highlight=oil
  14. mellowjonny

    07 Link Arm

    Both 06 and 07 have the same number on the bottom but the center to center bolt alignment on the 07 should be about 1/8 to 5/32 closer together then the 06. There is entire thread that was started by Mxmike on this very thing. I put the o7 link on my 06 and was running the forks 9 to 11mm above the clamps; I didn't like the additional lowering of the rear end so i put the 06 link back on. I plan to put the 07 link back on when I have time to change the shock valving to accommodate the different characteristics of the 07 link. I have the valving really good for the 06 link now.
  15. mellowjonny

    07 linkage

    I just changed from the stock 06 link to the stock 07 link on by bike. The new link and bearings cost about $110.00 total. The center to center alignment between the two stock links ended up being about 1/8th to 5/32 shorter on the 07 link. I had 90 hours and three different valve jobs on the rear with the 06 link and was quite happy with the feel of the rear end and the amazing cornering. I figured since the 06 link worked so well might as well mess with it by putting the 07 link on. I rode at the track on Tuesday without touching any of the settings just new link--o man what a difference the rear was much smoother/plusher (at that point i was not sure if it was good or bad--just different). I rode again last night after resetting my sag (it had changed 5mm) and raising my forks up in the clamps 3.5mm. It is a different bike that's for sure--i think i am going to love it even more with some more seat time and maybe some more playing with the shock valving. Hope this helps.