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  1. 7500 miles to many miles? Looks well maintained receipts and the whole 9 yards. Said he just adjusted the valves.
  2. I know this topic has been beaten to the ground, but heres my particular situation: I've got the opportunity to pick up my buddies 06 KTM 525 EXC at a buddy price , only problem is that he never CA plated when he originally bought it, its always been a OHV Green sticker. I know that these bikes (along w/ Husky TE, & Suzuki DRZ) have the tag stating that they are approved for "CA On Highway Use." My question is can I Plate it now if I buy it, even though it has been OHV from the get go? Anybody have this dilemma before on a KTM, Husky, or DRZ? Thanks fellas!
  3. cbrkris

    2006 KTM 525 EXC Green Sticker to Plates?

    Kenshaw & Chas Thanks fellas. Guess I'm passing on this one.