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  1. I'm always killing my YZ 426 in the woods. I do 80% of my riding through the trees and tight switchbacks. I was thinking about lowering the gears but 5th really isn't all that tall the way it is. All this talk about a flywheel weight has me interested. Tell me more! Tell me more! Fred
  2. I road a XR 600 for a while and that pig was trying to kill me! I swear! I now ride a 02 426! It feels like a moped!!! Ain't life great??
  3. Thanks for the info! I just got this 426 and LOVE it! It handles perfect! Light enough in the front end to wheelie, and has great bottom end power! I've been riding a XR 600 Honda that is a real sled. All it's good for is blazing down the fire roads and hill climbs. At almost 300 lbs it's a pig. Somebody said that if there were no such thing as the Baja 1000 there would be no use for the XR 600 and 650! Later, Fred
  4. When I start my 02 426F in the garage, I can see the exhaust glowing red hot by the head. Is this normal? Thanks, Fred
  5. Thanks for the help! I bent the tab that adjusts the float level and that did it! She was just starving for fuel! What a hill bike now! It doesn't handle worth a darn on the whoops because of the weight, but just keep it pointed in the right direction , and there ain't a bike that can out climb it! Fred
  6. I own a 1993 XR 600 and noticed a leak coming from the oil seal behind the front sprocket. Is there a secret to replace this? Do I just tear out the old one and simply press the new one in? Any help would be great! Thanks, Fred
  7. The Honda dealer reccomends using their oil at $7.50 a quart because of "special" lubricants for the wet clutch. What else is out there that is safe to use and a little cheaper? Thanks, Fred
  8. Here's a problem maybe you younger folks can help me with. When I'm climbing long hills, or when I have the bike going up, it acts like it starving for gas and bogs down and stalls. Shees! It's hard enough keep'in my feet on the pegs without the thing puk'in on me like this! Any easy remedys? It acts like she's starving for fuel.
  9. Roll'er down the hill an drop the clutch!
  10. I just picked up a 93 XR 600. I'm not sure I got the right bike as I'm near 50 years old. The first time I took it out we rode for 60 hard miles on the trails here in Wa. state. I was so sore the next day! I got in trouble a couple times as this monster is so HEAVY and TALL! As long as I could keep my feet on the pegs I was allright. I'm 6 foot even and can barely touch the ground with my big toes! Is there a lower seat available for these? And what kind of lowering kit is available?? Other than that, I can still ride a wheelie right along with the kids!! Love the power! Any help would be great! Thanks...Fred