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  1. Some pics from todays race
  2. Here is some videos shoot from my GoPro HD
  3. yes a going to lift it up a bit to next time then I think it´s good. I have spiked metzeler mc6
  4. My first test whit my new Gopro HD Think I must change the angel a bit to next time.
  5. Today I took out the bike for a ride in the woods and I´m very impressed Love the engine and it feels so mutch lighter then my 4-stroke. I think I going to love this bike when I have tuned in the suspension a little bit
  6. Just some more pics on the bike
  7. The Fe450 is a great bike but I´m a little bit tired of 4-stroke now and want to try 2-stroke
  8. The bike in the background is my husaberg Fe450 -09
  9. I mounted the switches for my xenonlights on my helmet and on the bike.
  10. Thanks for the comments No I have not made the studdtires, here in sweden they have studdtires for sale The husaberg is for sale now.
  11. Some pics on my new bike The new graphics on the 2010 bikes is awsome
  12. My new 300 sixdays -10 bought it today My first ktm 2-stroke:thumbsup:
  13. Here is some more riding pics