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  1. Potts228

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    Not this!
  2. Potts228

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    Should be around 9:00am Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday 5/23/18. Should hit all Moto News sources around that time.
  3. Potts228

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    100% True! Almost everything we have been asking for!
  4. Potts228

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    Check out Dirt Bike Magazine in the morning for info on the NEW 2019 CRF450X! :-)
  5. Potts228

    2005 CRF450X hanging idle gone rouge: carb no good?

    YES! Great thread!! I had the "mystery" problem too but bought a new carb to fix the problem!
  6. Potts228

    Tubliss tire system

    WOW... a lot of feedback and I know this thread is getting old but I am only seeing this now. Having been around these in desert and off-road racing I would say don't use them. Maybe if you are a casual rider at lower speeds but if you hit anything hard they fail. Without question they fail. A competitor I raced against was sponsored by this company and they even installed them to make sure they would work since he hat flatted the race before. In this race, BITD SS300, he flatted both front and rear wheels and then flatted a rear after he changed the wheel after the first flat. I would say they are better suited to Motocross where the tracks are prepped, usually no rocks and weight is more critical than off-road.
  7. Potts228

    CRF450X Race motor for Baja

    Interesting topic! No one asked your class and what your goals are. The Baja 1000 in 2017 is rumored to be a 2000 miler and if this turns out to be true then just going the 2000 miles is going to be a huge consideration! I have also heard many guys considering going back to the 650R and though we all make jokes about them most of us still own one! :-) The comments above are right on about the ball park costs and some of us even run ported heads and R carbs on our X's so that can add even more to the engine package. So depending on if you are going to be chasing OX Motorsports or some of us old guys it will all come down to planning, preparation, more planning, more preparation and committed group of guys on your team (unless you plan on going solo). You'll also need lots of support and some luck. So my answer on your engine is make sure you take it apart, inspect everything and then inspect it again. If the Baja 1000 does turn out to be a 2000 miler or any of the Baja 1000s you will want to start with a new crank, new clutch, new top end, stainless valves, opened up air box and a good pipe. If you are chasing class 30, 40, 50 or 60 then just a well prepped engine with the aforementioned build will give you a chance at a win with the right riders. Don't expect to pass anyone or make up time on the high speed stuff against a modified race engine but it's an endurance race for the most part. It is all about the details... anything you take for granted and didn't triple check will bite you. :-) Now my real answer... Just do it! Send your engine to AS Racing, Precision Concepts, JCR or Berkeley Honda and get the real deal! It's only money!! Once you ride one with a "works engine" you will never want to ride a mostly stock engine again! These engines will put you in the 100 mile per hour club and actually pull the 5th gear with 15/47 gearing at times wishing you had a 6th gear! Now let's talk about suspension... Be safe! Have fun!!
  8. Potts228

    2013 crf450x jetting issue pls help

    This might help: http://www.jdjetting.com/xcart/pages.php?pageid=2#1
  9. Potts228

    08 CRF 450 Tranny Oil Threads Stripped in Case

    Yeah... you can't weld this up as you stated and putting an insert in would be very hard, probably impossible, since you cannot see what you are doing. The only way is to split the cases and then see what your options are from there. :-(
  10. Potts228

    CRF450R for BITD

    Yeah... the 15 tooth will usually require you pull out the grinder to grind away at the case saver. I know some manufactures make a case saver specificaly for the 15th front sprockets so maybe check with Bob at Precision Concepts or XR's Only. Bob can also get your R into the 100mph club. I also wanted to add that BITD puts on great races and Casey, Diane and all of the BITD workers are first class! You are going to have a blast! Lastly... try to book hotels early if needed. The ones closest to the starts get booked up months in advance.
  11. Potts228

    CRF450R for BITD

    If you can run 40-90mph then for Parker and Henderson you should be fine. There isn't any tight stuff in either Parker or Henderson and it sounds like the gearing you have come up with for the R is perfect and will work fine. If you have the money I would suggest going to a 15/47 as it is easier on the chain and if you need parts most of the X guys will be running 47s on the back (if you need to borrow anything). You didn't mention what year your 450R is but I am guessing its not a 2013 or newer. If this is the case... all rear wheels will interchange if needed. I am also guessing you have already re-laced the rear wheel to an 18". Wheel balancing ALWAYS is nice to have and if you can do it then do it! Wheel balancing depends on each wheel where you put the weights and how much weight. I would also suggest you run Mousse inserts and not tubes. Yes they are expensive but you cannot win if you have to stop for a flat. At a minimum run a Mousse in the front and a ULTRA Heavy Duty in the rear. Tires Rear... use a Dunlop D606 130/90X18 and you won't have to worry about a wheel change for Parker or Henderson. For SS300 and V2R you will need to go 100MPH and it sounds like you will need some motor work to do this (all 450s need work to do this). With the gearing you are running you probably can't go any taller and still run in the meat of the power. Good luck!! Be safe!!
  12. Potts228

    KTM Suspension for Baja

    For KTM Dicks Racing is the go to guy!
  13. Potts228

    Can you recommend a spoke set?

    Excel spoke kits are great! They are stainless so easy to maintain. They do have aluminum nipples but spoke failures will be the spoke and not the nipple. Other option is Buchanan Spokes... stronger than Excel but a little heavier with steel nipples. As far as price goes... if you see a deal and they are made in China RUN!!
  14. Potts228

    Sportsmen fiasco for 500

    I believe that the Sportsman should have their own day! Let them start the day before the pro classes. Have a set cutoff time at the check points and if they don't keep up then they need to retire from the race. The point is to always grow the series (entries) and if done right, maybe lower entry fees for the sportsman and having their own race might be the ticket.
  15. Potts228

    Sportsmen fiasco for 500