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  1. I too was resistant to synthetic oil at one time. My theory was that the additive package wore out first and that provided that viscosity was good, what else mattered? Well, the areas that get very little oil, like the rings and the guides really benefit from a better quality oil. The difference between lubricating oils and wood finishing oils is how long it takes them to turn into varnish. Synthetic oil lubricates better and is far more stable than dino. I have a Toyota and a Volkswagen, both of which have 160+ thousand on the odometer. Neither one consumes oil between 10k mile and 7k mile oil changes, respectively. They run on T6. I do a Redline T6 blend in the Suzuki. With all the heat seized and otherwise damaged engines I see on this board, I think that it is cheap insurance.
  2. Anthropomorphic internet myth.
  3. Lots of aftermarket rollers around.
  4. Mine also has springs where the header couples with the mid-pipe. Additionally, it didn't have a heat shield or any nuts brazed on to mount one. Wound up buying a DRC heat shield.
  5. Sounds way too advanced for such a low rpm engine. I guess av gas is formulated to really resist detonation, though. Like crack pistons? I had a B2000 that would carbon up and detonate. You could feel it in the steering wheel, floor pans etc. Not a comforting feeling; definitely tugs the ol' pucker string. I can imagine that at 8,000 feet it makes you hairs stand on end.
  6. 4t's can ping, knock and detonate. Lean engines run hotter, hotter engines tend to ping, knock and detonate. Engines with carbon buildup in the combustion chamber don't quench as well, which tends to cause pinging, knocking and detonation. So, if you had a lean 4t that also had carbon buildup................................
  7. I think it's normal for a set of rings that have a varnish load in them from running dino oil. The crack I don't think is normal.
  8. His checkered past precedes you post.
  9. Probably less than a 0.5 bump.
  10. Check your oil level after you ride.
  11. My titanium pipe looks different than yours.
  12. All those deposits on the piston are coming from something.
  13. How do you feel about Rotela 5W 40 T6?