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  1. Bermudacat

    Beta RR friction plates...

    Gonna work on making it happen. Are you riding that weekend? I lived off of Pacific many moons ago. Had to choose between beer and heat during the winter. So................................... I went to the Soundview, plunked down some quarters for a canning jar mug of Rainer and enjoyed their heat.
  2. Bermudacat

    Helping a friend sort the Fi on his 390s

    One more question. Someone posted up all the various maps in a thread but I cannot find it. Could someone repost that info here? Thanks!
  3. Bermudacat

    Gas cap noise/pressure

    Doesn't look easy to me.
  4. Bermudacat

    Beta RR friction plates...

    Sno Co?
  5. Bermudacat

    Yoshi Ti TRC?

    The clamp doesn't look right either. Isn't supposed to have 3 ends? I'll shoot a pic of mine this week.
  6. Bermudacat

    Yoshi Ti TRC?

    Bracket is missing the spool.
  7. Bermudacat

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    The RE comes with a $119 bonus; the OI removal kit is already installed! https://shop.betausa.com/p/oil-injection-removal-kit Free labor too.
  8. Bermudacat

    New exhaust pipe repair tool

    Less than the price of one pipe, and I usually have to buy 2 per year AND get those fixed a handful of times. I bet I spend $800+ a year on pipe related stuff. This was a no brainier. When the time comes I will be ordering one.
  9. Bermudacat

    Helping a friend sort the Fi on his 390s

    Thanks! I borrowed the picture from another thread.
  10. Bermudacat

    thinking about getting a Beta 300RR race have ?

    Yes, Enter The Zone was his first book. I still do higher fat and lower carb than he recommends, but his book was a good premier on how your endocrine system works. Dr William Davis (https://www.wheatbelly.com/) and Dr Donald Miller (https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/06/donald-w-miller-jr-md/is-your-doctor-harming-you/) are my other two faves.
  11. Bermudacat

    thinking about getting a Beta 300RR race have ?

    DR Barry Sears is one of several cardiologists that I pattern my exercise and nutrition based on his work and research into healthy eating. He goes against the modern mainstream high carb low fat.
  12. Couldn't agree more. I'll never run a lead battery on a performance bike ever again. Lead acid technology is two centuries old. Set the lead acid battery next to your Ediphone if you must.
  13. The lithium Ferrite batteries LiFe, are not the volatile type, the Lithium Polymer, LiPo are the ones making the news.
  14. Bermudacat

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    The starter button actuates the relay, the relay carries the heavy current to the starter. Without the relay, you would need a really big switch and heavy wires up there on the handlebars.
  15. Can anyone tell me what the orange object is and what the port marked with the blue arrow does? TIA!