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  1. 1) What is the resistance of the fuse? How much power is lost? I'm willing to guess total ohms of the fuse is less than the wire. 2) I'd be interested to know which manufactures don't fuse the output. Sounds like a fire hazard and liability to deviate from established practice, which is certainly codified somewhere. A stock system that is in proper condition is more than adequate. If there is something that the Japanese (Denso Electric, LTD) are experts at, it is vehicle wiring. Probably why they do the electrical for nearly everybody from Toyota to Harley-Davidson, with Triumph in there too. It is such a HUGE list. (Shame Ducati and BMW don't run Denso)
  2. How ever long it takes you! Paying someone else to 'work' on your bike is like hiring someone else to climax for you. Take your time, ask questions, and have fun! Unlikely your carb even needs removal. Add Tectroline to your fuel.
  3. Suzuki's, when given proper maintenance are stone axe reliable, and there is a huge availability of spares and aftermarket parts.
  4. Typical Shoie quality. But like I was saying, not trying to turn this into a Big Dick argument; buy whatever helmet fits your budget and your needs.
  5. Typically you wouldn't bump up the compression unless you're running bigger cams or higher octane fuel. It's also nice to have a safety margin on an air cooled engine because hotter weather could cause detonation.
  6. 3,759 miles. Needs lighter wheels and some suspension valve work done.
  7. Hopelessly outclassed by the DRZE too.................
  8. How high?
  9. Vote with your dollars and buy one. No arguing necessary...................
  10. I'm more of the 'cylindrical potatohead' and the older Aria Signet fit me perfect. When it became the Signet E, it fit my buddy with the 'Zippy the pinhead' forehead fine, but not me. Bell has been gone too long to charge Arai prices for a lid, ITNHO. But definitely, weight and fit. Don't be afraid to spend a few $$$, but $400 or so should do it. Get last years color scheme.
  11. Knock yourself out..................................... Not talking about manufactures endorsing their own products, I'm talking about riders endorsing helmets.
  12. Small tire formula EDIT: You sold me on doing the front too. EDIT2:
  13. ....what shop? I'll stay away.................... {mounting this one myself)
  14. Ding Ding Ding!!!!! Which Slime product did you use? It seems there are several.
  15. What kind of tire sealant are you running and how do you like it? I will be fitting a TUBliss system shortly and I don't like the idea of dumping a pint of soapy water into my rim, so I am going to use the sealant method of mounting. TIA