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  1. Hmmm, I must have the Northern Hemisphere addition.
  2. Well, ours is lighter and lower on the bike. If it had a cap, it would have an area where dirt could ingress. Again too, my Yamaha buddies fill theirs to the top mark, adding 8oz of weight just below the seat. Plus, they shell out $$$$ for that friggin' blue stuff.
  3. Yamaha does it............
  4. ^^^THIS^^^ Plus, you want your radiators full, so you don't have air (oxygen) in your system. Oxidation needs oxygen.
  5. Seals and bearings and spokes are available for sure, along with sprockets and rotors. Spacers are a ? for sure. EDT: REAR spacers that is. The front hub is Suzuki compatible all the way.
  6. Mine were good when I changed the flywheel. I cleaned all threads with brake cleaner and applied loc tite. Counter sprocket was the only 'fix' on my bike, except the MCCT.
  7. CRC all the way........................ They come in logo or no logo.
  8. Hit it with some starting fluid and watch your exhaust. Report back.
  9. I put an allen wrench on mine and they were really firm. I figured the were lok-tite from the factory and why break 'em loose?
  10. On my 2005 they were plenty snug, so I didn't mess with them.
  11. Been on the property a loooong time.
  13. Still running the 2003IN, ie, OSHC. Notice how this combination matches the Megacycle 'torque' profile cams, less about 0.1mm lift on each cam. The overlap and duration are close enough to be called the same. Furthermore, I don't think anyone could feel a 0.1mm difference. My tach tells me I'm shifting sooner now. Next will be a 49t rear sprocket.
  14. Replaced my 2048EX with the Suzuki DRZE 'B' exhaust cam. As anticipated, the extra overlap at the top of the exhaust stroke has given the bike more power from idle to redline.
  15. Genuine CRC with or without logo