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  1. Beta300recat

    CHEAP Beta 250rr's for sale

    Another? Why not TWO! Package deal: 8k for both.
  2. Beta300recat

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    Less deviation in instantaneous mixture?
  3. Beta300recat

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    Even with good homogenization, good squish is crucial for MBT, isn't it?
  4. Beta300recat

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    Advantage carburetor. I'd happily own a FI RE Beta. Not hating carbs by any means.
  5. Beta300recat

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    Well, it at least shows the difference between an expansion chamber (watercraft) and no expansion chamber (outboard).
  6. Beta300recat

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    Techno-phobes? Fear of the unknown? Not really sure. Dr Seal at the Vehicle Research Institute at WWU was really gung-ho for fuel injection. Another benefit is you can vary your mixture based on power demand. Every body accepts varying ignition timing. Being able to vary compression ratio and cam timing are huge too.
  7. Beta300recat

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    Different strokes for different folks.......... A high-performance, fuel-injected 170 hp, three-cylinder, two-stroke, 1296 cc Yamaha marine engine powers the GP1300R offering a high-level balance of power output and clean exhaust of the highest grade. The high-pressure pump efficiently translates the engine performance into propelling power for a excellent hook-up and smooth acceleration. Direct fuel injection, Auto lubrication, power valves and a catalytic converter. https://www.topspeed.com/boats/yamaha/2007-yamaha-gp1300r-ar40980.html
  8. Beta300recat

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    I found it about as helpful as this picture...............
  9. Beta300recat

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    My mistake, thanks. Not sure why to do it if it doesn't help with emissions.
  10. Beta300recat

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    Clearly you know more about power mechanics than I do. Please accept my apologies for offending you.
  11. Beta300recat

    ‘18 500RR-S Flaming Out

    Is it off-road only? Non EPA approved for on highway vehicles? When revved up from idling, how fast do the revs fall back?
  12. Beta300recat

    ‘18 500RR-S Flaming Out

    Have your dealer install the 2017 RE map. Buddy did that with his 390RR due to flameouts. Problem solved! You can tell the difference in how the system behaves by simply blipping the throttle at idle.
  13. Beta300recat

    Sachs CC forks for my 2018 RR

    Why not do the valving yourself? OC forks are very easy to work on. Anyway, what have you learned about this valve job by playing with the clickers? But, I do love my red CC forks. They did need to be aligned and it made a HUGE difference in small bump compliance. I remove my guards and clean the sliders and apply a fresh coating of silicone after ever ride.
  14. Beta300recat

    2017 300RR RE Bog off Idle

    Engine dying is lean. Rich bogs 'burble', lean bogs pop and die.
  15. Beta300recat

    FCR 39(?) from some KTM

    Good idea to calibrate the TPS. Even if you cannot feel a difference, you will get better fuel economy with it hooked up. I can tell the difference in throttle response with mine, but I'm running much larger cams than stock and a high performance exhaust system.