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  1. California

    +1! And don't forget the barbie and food pics!
  2. And where? You never know, can't ride right now but I can eat.
  3. Watch out! Bike will be prepped
  4. Thursday Aug 2nd? What time?
  5. california

    Looks like Bonnie and Clydes car so must be Louisiana
  6. california

    How bout this one
  7. california

    Custom is best. This is my 5 1/2’ X 8’ that I made 31 years ago.
  8. california

    A winch with a remote so you can winch the first one while following with the second sounds fun
  9. California

    I grow my own
  10. Almost as bad as reading a newspaper nowadays(I'm old). But thats from pounding my head against a wall
  11. Dammit Rid, you giving me a headache trying to read your posts
  12. Make sure you post up the links so we can follow along
  13. I only see 3 pages, is this a "to be continued" type of thing? Got me hooked already
  14. Awesome trip! Back to reality. Hope I’m healed up if you head back down this fall