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  1. California

    Needed to take my d/s 500 out for a ride. Thought I’d go check on Donald’s wall. First, to the top of Otay Mountain looking out over southern San Diego Then lookin at Tijuana As I was headed down got a flat front tire. 38 miles into a nice ride. Had to slab it home. 28 miles, 7 miles dirt and 21 pavement
  2. Rides when you call in sick are always good. This one was awesome. Weather was perfect, dirt was holding well Glad riddler got things going. I hadn’t checked out this thread till the notification popped up. Glad I did. Tigers a great guy and rider. I knew he was gonna be interesting just by this thread. Wish I could do what he’s doing right now. Headed for lunch. Thanks again!! Good times
  3. What day were you thinking? I’m in San Diego and know the place pretty well
  4. California

    ET in El Cajon. Nice wheels eh
  5. california

    Who cares anyway. Sounds scared to me
  6. california

    Four days to go five miles... that is one tough ass trail. Have a great time Tom !
  7. California

    Came up about 30 miles short of planned dez trip.
  8. California

    Got to read the previous posts, not just look at the pictures too get the whole idea
  9. California

    After 9 years I’ve recovered as well I’m gonna I guess. Actually regressing a bit I think
  10. California

    Broke a bunch of bones in my foot and almost ripped my big toe off
  11. Nice meeting you and good ride! Till the next one...
  12. California

    Thank you!
  13. California

    Thats a start. I won't say anything about no boobies. Damn that was quick!