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  1. I need some advice on tuning my 07 250sxf. Fist thing i need to know is the correct float bowl spec so i can get that adjusted. The carb was overflowing fuel while just sitting with the fuel turned so I adjusted the float leave and not it is running a touch lean. I also need some advice on what jets would be a good starting point for my area which is south Georgia. The Bike has a horrible bottom end bog that developed after adjusting the float bowl height so that might be corrected with setting the level to the right specs. I still want to get ahead and do some tuning while in the carb so any advice would be great. Thanks Mike
  2. Mike Hall

    Socal MX videos

    Thanks, you just made me want to go riding real bad. =)
  3. Mike Hall

    Vid of stewart

    Seeing him railing those turns makes me want to go work on my corner speed. LOL Mike
  4. Mike Hall

    Best Jump Pics

    Well, it took me 2 days of watching others do it before I hit it myself. LOL Mike
  5. Mike Hall

    Best Jump Pics

    I don't know how long it is to be honest. Its not that hard of a jump really. Just hit it in 4th gear pretty hard and up and over you go. Mike
  6. Mike Hall

    Who has the nicest KTM?

    This is what I'm riding now. :-)
  7. Mike Hall

    Best Jump Pics

    These are pretty cool too.
  8. Mike Hall

    Best Jump Pics

    I Thought these were pretty cool.
  9. Thanks for the pictures. Mike
  10. Mike Hall

    Me at FastrackMX

    There were a few guys there but yeah the track was almost empty that Thursday afternoon. I have no clue how long that jump is but its pretty darn long. :-) Mike
  11. Mike Hall

    Me at FastrackMX

    Yeah, I over jumped it a little. To be honest, that landing didn't feel too good already. LOL I didn't hit the jump the jump as hard anymore after that one.
  12. Mike Hall

    I cant stop laughing.

    Every time i watch this video I laugh just as hard as the first time i watched it. Look at that guy laid out on the ground. You would have thought Kimbo got ahold of him. LOL
  13. Mike Hall

    Me at FastrackMX

    Well, I started out designing and selling kids under the name Aerolock models. Then I did a number of designs for a company called ExtremefligtRC out of ATL. Most of the designs on EF's website are my designs or are based on my designs. Not all but most are. Long story short, I didnt get what I was promised so Im for the most part done with the Model airplane industry. The ultimate and SU31 never made it plast prototype stages. I just dont care to be a part of that industry any longer. Mike
  14. Mike Hall

    Me at FastrackMX

    I went to tech school for Drafting back in 1997 but i never finished up the program. I learned the basics and then went from there. There is no telling how many hours of Cad work I have done in the last 10 years but I would say its pretty darn hight. :-) Im in school now for pre-engineering and I hope to transfer to FSU or maybe Tech as long as i keep my grades good enough. Mike
  15. Mike Hall

    Me at FastrackMX

    Thats funny you bring that up. I knew it was an AutoDesk program right off the bat. Im somewhat of a Cad master or some people think I am. I do a lot of solid modeling in AutoCad. Here is are some of my Drawings. :-) I used to design and prototype RC model airplanes for a living so this is just a small smaple of what all I have done. Mike