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    Learning how to ride motorcycles! Finally, a new hobby other than school or work!
  1. ticktock

    Trying to convert from bike hater to lover

    Well, I already blew it. I kept my secret for 3 days - guess I should at least be proud of that! But, I had to tell him last night. Since we have a toddler, it was going to be hard to make up places I could go long enough for him not to wonder where the heck I was. There is an OP class for girls I may take this Saturday, or I may take a full MSF course for streetbikes, then let my husband teach me how to ride in the dirt after that. My 13-yo has a Suzuki DRZ125 that he's quickly outgrowing, so I guess I will be learning on that. I'm nervous but excited - and even though I won't be able to surprise the boys the way I wanted to, they were still surprised that I'm actually taking this first little step. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your encouragement!
  2. ticktock

    Trying to convert from bike hater to lover

    They ride both quads and bikes. I've ridden the quads a few times, but never really enjoyed it because I'm so fearful. Lately, it seems they've been doing more trail riding, and they've started racing grand prix, so they take the dirt bikes more often. I'm hoping that if I learn on two wheels, even if I'm just so-so at it, it will make me feel that much more comfortable on 4 wheels when we go out to the sand.
  3. ticktock

    Trying to convert from bike hater to lover

    I've looked at that, also a "girls class" sponsored by OP, or a private day-long lesson in the dirt. Hey, great idea! Thanks! Keeping the location secret until after I suprise the family - they're TT regulars!
  4. I have admittedly not been a supportive wife/mother over the last 15 years when it comes to riding. I have a phobia about motorcycles, and while logically I know I should not freak out about those things I can't control, I do anyway. So, many potential weekends together as a family have been lost because I just don't go with them. It's better that way, because then they can have a good time without me nagging and crying at them that I know they're going to die. My hubby has offered to teach me to ride many times... but what good does it do for my family if I die too? Now that I'm almost (choke) 40, I know it's a little late - but I've decided to take a riding class. Maybe if I understand a little more about how to ride, I can relax a little more when they ride. And gee - what if I actually end up liking it? I'm not counting on it, but I suppose it could happen. I don't want to get their hopes up, so I'm just keeping it my little secret right now. My daydream lately has been to go along with them one weekend, jump on a bike, and leave them in the dust... in shock. (They're real practical jokers, so they'd totally deserve it.) I know there are a lot of women who are the adventurous, athletic-type. I'm not one of them - but I'm hoping I can become one. Has anybody else here converted from bike-hater to bike-lover? And, is there anything I can do at home to get my uncoordinated, slightly overweight body into shape before I get to my class in a few weeks?