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  1. I was up at SIR today watching that jump and let me just say that it was ****ing huge. he went 310 ft, and it was off a way smaller ramp than the one trigger gum hit.. hang time was incredible. also there was a world record jump of 108 ft on a 50 and a back flip record set at like 58 feet on a fiddy. The whole show was bad ass. They had drag races goin on while everyone was jumping, street bike stunting and some 250 freestyle crap
  2. I wish we had a nice track close to where i live ... We usually just drive around with some ramps in our trucks and plop them next to something that has a nice downside haha... its usually big air though
  3. so how much power does this god of an engine you have make jetster.. let me know so i can put that kit in the engine i have sitting in my garage with the tb 88 kit i was ragging on.... that gpx engine is the for the old ladies bike... man you guys get really fired up about this shit huh.... nice pics... looks like you are coming up short though.. haha just ****ing with you
  4. you are biggest dumbshit ever.. all you do is sit on your lazy ass talking shit on your computer like you are kingshit of the fifty revolution, and dump money into your pile of shit bike hoping to be minimotocross champion someday... yeah ****in right... your on here so much you probably never ride that hunk of shit
  5. yeah thats right, amateur , every one else had stock 50s
  6. because every one talks about how great and cheap they are then when they get them they find out they are gutless.. then they go and blow blow 300 more bucks on a cheap crank.. when they should have bought a takegawa kit
  7. nothing wrong with half and half... this thing tears ass
  8. selling it for 800 with the muffler
  9. Ive got a fmf power core4 shorty ill sell
  10. Ive got an 04' honda engine im trying to sell - it has the trail bikes 88 race head kit, crower cam, and 22 carb. this thing screams. also have a power core 4 shorty silencer, stock swingarm, fork set up, and stock frame