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    bogging very badly please help!!!

    Ok, I have taken the carb off the bike and disassembled it I cleaned it throughly and blew out every passage with air. I also replaced the needle bushing. I put it all back together and I still have seen no change in the way it runs. My question know is about the needle. I thought that with the power-up needle the purpose is to richen the mixture. If that is so then why is it bigger in diameter than the stock one it looks to me that the stock needle has a more aggressive taper to it. The new one is fatter and doesn't taper down as small on the end. Wouldn't this make the mixture leaner. Doesn't the needle control how much fuel flows into the carb after going through the main jet. If that is true then wouldn't I get more fuel with a needle that has a smaller tip. The bike seems to be running lean. It pops when down revving, or coasting down a hill. Could I have gotten the wrong needle?
  2. 230F_Rider

    bogging very badly please help!!!

    one more thing, I replaced the little sleeve that comes with the new needle by using the stock needle to pull it out i then used the tube that the main jet goes in to push the new one in as the sticky tells me to. But when i put the new one in i guess i tightned it up just a little to tight and deformed the end of the tube I did replace the tube with a new one before ever putting the carb back together. Could this have caused the sleeve to be to far up in the carb?
  3. 230F_Rider

    bogging very badly please help!!!

    i have removed the baffle and snorkel. Yes i understand that a 4 stroke will lag a little but it shouldn't completely stall the engine. I have put the stock jets back in and left the power-up needle in and again i have seen no change. If I let the rpms come up slow its ok but if i just open it quickly it kills the engine this is a big problem b/c when i go into a sharp turn i let off the throttle and I am leaning into the turn then open the throttle to exit and it will die. I have almost dropped it a couple of times b/c of this.
  4. I have a crf230 and just put the power-up needle in with a 132 main and a 45 pilot. I'm about 600 ft above sea level. after installing the bike know bogs very bad when you pin the throttle from idle. If you let it idle and pin it and don't let off immediately it will kill the engine, but if you the rpm's up a little bit above idle and then pin it it revs right up like it should. I have tried putting the needle in the 3rd 4th and 5th positions and adjusted the mixture screw from all the way in to 2 1/2 turns out with no change whatsoever. I have also put the stock pilot jet back in #42 and no change there either. please help for i am a newbie to tuning carbs.