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  1. Steelshoe

    XR 400 blowing blue smoke when I start it

    Was valve guide seals on my 97 after about 5-6 years.
  2. Steelshoe

    XR4 sand paddle?

    Sorry meant to say " you should try it". If you will run anything other than sand maybe better to reconsider. I have never used on anything other than pure dunes and they are magic.
  3. Steelshoe

    XR4 sand paddle?

    Huge difference. No side slip traction but you try it just to experience it.
  4. Steelshoe

    I'm stuck, 08 kawi 450 or honda?

    History has shown better durability on the Honda.
  5. Steelshoe

    piston snap ring retrieval

    Have you tried turning it upside down? may have to spray some contact cleaner in from inverted position to get it loose from oil stiction if it is stuck to bottom of crank flywheel area. Another way: Try a small wire with loop on the end and some thick grease on it. Can you see into the bottom end from any port with the case covers removed?