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  1. i broke my rear fender too every now and then one pops up on ebay, keep an eye out.... got impatient and went the yz route myself.
  2. jonrichert

    How much horsepower...

    now the bike attracts chicks like you wouldn't believe too.
  3. jonrichert

    How much horsepower...

    i already got the yamaha factory racing hello kitty package. its all about vigilance and intimidation.
  4. jonrichert

    WR Owners pin your location on the map.

    I'm on there now too... count is up to 154
  5. jonrichert

    Scream's WR is complete - sort of - PICS

    haha, my guess is money, mechanical aptitude and a friend at a powder coating shop. bike looks absolutely awesome!
  6. jonrichert

    Rekluse vs Scotts Dampener

    anyone know if the stabilizers are interchangable from 426 to 450? I can likely get my uncle's scotts setup in the spring when he sells his '02 426. My bike is an '03... any info would be greatly appreciated and might save me a few hundred dollars.
  7. jonrichert

    Sensitive nipples?

    I've never had a problem biking, but I use bodyglide on the nips when I run... works great
  8. jonrichert

    '06 WR Computer - P/N & Price

    haha, that damn logical metric system. what were they thinking
  9. jonrichert

    03' WR450 kicking back when starting

    you have to make sure you get it past TDC before you kick it. slowly kick it over until just after the "hard spot" on the engine's revolution... then give it a mighty kick and you'll be fine without kickback.
  10. jonrichert

    2003 WR 450 electric start problem.

    yeah, should be closer to 12.5V... sounds like it is just flat
  11. jonrichert

    2003 WR 450 electric start problem.

    my '03 450's e-start is really picky that i have to be in nuetral, otherwise no go. are you trying to start in gear?
  12. jonrichert

    Add a KEY to the WR??

    i was thinking about this too, and i think the easiest solution would be to put a keyed switch in series with the existing ignition button. keeping the existing wiring in-tact.
  13. jonrichert

    What are the top riding areas B.C.

    cheers, i'm from summerland, got a wr450 about a month ago but i haven't gotten to ride as much as i would like to yet. i'm looking for a little truck so i don't have to rip up the road when nobody's looking anymore
  14. jonrichert

    NEWS FLASH!! WR450.com Owner Buys Suzuki!!

    I happen to be a fan of the bandit 600, I'm 6'4" and it's the most comfortable "sporty" bike i've sat on yet. It was actually a toss up for me between buying my wr450 and a bandit I was looking at. Interested to hear what you think about it.