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  1. That is awesome diesel is cheaper wherever you are. Diesel is still a lot more here.
  2. As long as you keep it below about 70 horse tune you will do good with a tune if you go over that the trans wont like it. My duramax picks up maybe .5 mpg with a tune not alot, Exhaust will help mpg and lower your egt (get gauges if you want to put a tune on it) another thing that will help mpg and extend injector life is an additive. Some people claim 2-3 mpg gains with an additive.
  3. I have used my geo prism to haul a truck bed trailer with a bike in it did fine. I have a diesel truck but the geo still gets over 20 mpg if i hold it to the floor constantly.
  4. Take it in and get it scanned. They should find the problem.
  5. Torax

    Exhaust packing bad for health?

    If it gets in your lungs you will cough it up but your not around it enough to worry about it.
  6. If you want a full size truck get an old cummins 12 valve my 94 gets 25 or so its 2wd though. I wouldn't get a powerjoke they have 2 more cylinders.
  7. Torax

    Traumatic brain injury stop riding...

    I was in a coma for a few days as well. This is my only wreck where Ive gotten hurt. Im not sure how many concusssions Ive had atleast 4 with 2 tbis...
  8. I guess I have never had that problem. I think it is safe to say you have just been unlucky.
  9. Trust me the clear coat will not fade. I don't think I have ever seen this fading on darker colors you speek of. I'm an auto restoration student and we have learned about other paint problems but never this. Mine is black and a 2003 and looks fine.
  10. Torax

    Traumatic brain injury stop riding...

    Ya I know I started making a custom streetfighter/cafe racer out of a 91 zx6 before my wreck so I will probly still ride street bikes and do some trail riding eventually.
  11. Also pulling a skidsteer through the mountains of colorado I averaged 12+ mpg
  12. I have an lb7 with 230k on it they are great trucks annd alot faster than those powerjokes.
  13. Truck will hold up fine. You won't be going any faster than 65 though if you can go that fast, watch the heat gauge closely.
  14. Torax

    Traumatic brain injury stop riding...

    Trust me I've seen plenty of neurologists and im all the way recovered as far as they can tell im not in therapy anymore and my brain looks fine almost no scaring from the bleeding spots. I won't be able to tell if there are any problems until college starts back up. Headaches are something i will deal with for years probably. This happened in september so im sure i havent recovered fully mentally. Im sure I will restore a few vintage mx bikes in my day I currently have an xl70 im putting blinkers on so i can use it around town.
  15. Torax

    Traumatic brain injury stop riding...

    Good point im lucky im not there now and the 300,000 in doctor bills is not some thing I need to go through again. Thank god for insurance lol. If I was older things might be different but only being 20 getting back on a bike scares me and im accident prone...