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  1. Ineedafourstroke

    What aftermarket header pipes can i run with a stock silencer?

    so the powerbomb will definatley fit? i didnt dent it it actually bent down cutting off most of the air flow
  2. I got a 2006 YZ250f that i bent the head pipe on.. I dont really wanna buy a stock replacement because they are weak. I was wondering which headers will fit with running the stock silencer. Thanks guys
  3. Ineedafourstroke

    4 cyl, 4x4 Truck Gas mileage

    Go with a Toyota. My 89 4x4 gets 17mpg city with 31's on it. My 94 got 24mpg. All parts I have gotten were cheap. And your probally not gonna have to replace many parts
  4. Ineedafourstroke

    Got an 89' Yoda 4x4

  5. Ineedafourstroke

    Got an 89' Yoda 4x4

  6. Hey i picked up an 1989 toyota pickup 4x4 today. It has fender flares, toneau cover, 2 sets of wheels both on 31's, fog lights, 10 disc changer. 4 cyl 5speed. I paid 1200 for it, the motor has 92k and the body has 137k. When you go over 35 mph the whole thing rattles and shakes wicked bad but not when you go below 35. I was told it needed a front hub, but im unsure. Maybe a tierod end? Im not too sure but any advise?
  7. Ineedafourstroke

    Green rims

    It actually looks good. A guy at my track has it and it dosent look too bad!
  8. Ineedafourstroke

    16 year old with a $100k 2500 HD

    I wouldnt drive it. Its not my style.. Id rather a old lifted beat up truck with american racing rims and 37'' tires on it.. Just my .02
  9. Ineedafourstroke

    Buying a jeep. What do you think

    haha ok. It has the 4.0 in it. The lift I believe is rancho. Could be wrong though...
  10. Ineedafourstroke

    Finally got my lift kit and tires on

    Looks awesome!! Love the black rims they make the truck what it is!
  11. Hey guys, my buddy is selling me the jeep he just bought. Its a 1994 Grand Cherokee. It is gonna need a front left hub but thats no problem I can do it myself. Things not bad. Interior is mint, has a Rancho lift I believe, 31" BF Goodriches. SELLING IT TO ME FOR ONLY $400!!!!! Only problem is that it has 235k on it.. I dont know much history behind this vehicle but I cant pass it up with that price... What do you think??
  12. Ineedafourstroke

    How many bike have you owned?

    1995 xr80 2003 ttr125 2004 rm85 2003 yz125 2005 yz125 1997 jr50 2000 xr50 2006 yz250f
  13. Ineedafourstroke

    Fastest state!

    I second that! We have plenty of very fast riders, New England is unheard of but with tons of fast people.
  14. Ineedafourstroke

    Best "Legal" Hookup in the sand

    The scorpion is a great tire, Im pretty sure they make a Southwick tire by dunlop I think that is good for sand. Either way you should be happy.
  15. Ineedafourstroke

    My YZ250F...Pics

    Jay, on the '07 the vent bolt is the same size as the '06. They have still not corrected this problem which happens on about every yzf. Kind of dissappointing seeing as it happened to my frineds '07 on the first oil change.. I hope they recall it or somethign because I had to seal the top of the bolt so oil wouldn't piss out