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  1. MxZack48

    Jetted my 06

    just got done jettin my new bike wasnt gettin anything outta the top 185 main 45 pilot 3rd clip 72 leak jet ride at about 70 feet above seal level and thse new settings really bring my bike to life i also put a yz250 airfilter cage on to breathe more air into. what is with everyoine putting a 40 leak jet on what does that do opposed my my 72 dont know much about the LJ?
  2. MxZack48

    Please Help!! problems with my 06

    thanx for the tip sunruh mine also has a horrible idle it revs up on its own then down i think ill invest in a vortex
  3. Well i picked up an 06 yz250f a few months back and went out ridin with it last weekend for the first time (got it broken in a few months back) I went to rausch creek and the first thing i notice is it has no top end at all, the low and mid hit good but it dies when i get in the top end and is nothing like my 04 was up top, it dies on power and maked a very weird sound (pretty much identical to those videos that they tested on that one mx magazine site) it had that kinda weird echo sound up top and thats exactly what mine is doing, im thinking maybe play with the fuel screw??? i thought that becuz its fresh from the shop and brand new i would not have to do any major jetting yet, goin ridin again this weeknd so help would be very appreciated
  4. MxZack48

    Stone Spray Sandwich vs Nitro Circus 3

    i wasnt very impressed with any of the nitro circuses, i like videos like the great outdoor series
  5. MxZack48

    Some nasty crashes

    I wanna build that slide they had build on that green plastic or whatever down the mountain
  6. MxZack48

    Tony Hawk helmet cam

    If u buy that tony hawk thing is that all u need or do u still need to hook up a camcorder to it im lost on how these video cams work but i want one
  7. get rid of the fmf sticker up front it does not go but good job puttin the graphics on, i just trew decal ones on my 06 and the number plate next to the exhaust is such a bitch to put on
  8. MxZack48

    Clutch use on 4 stroke?

    Clutch use is clutch abuse on a 4 stroke the best thing is to practice not using it at all in the corners and just keep the power on and using the torque of the 4 stroke ive been ridin 4 strokes for 2 years now i was always a 2 stroke racer and ive pretty much got it down but i still have a habit of feathering the clutch here and there in the corners, if you spend one say riding the 4 stroke like ur 2 stroke u will burn ur clutch up in 1 ride.
  9. MxZack48

    Pics of 2006 250f bikes with numbers

    i put my decalmx numbers on mine the other nite ill get pics and post them tomm
  10. if hes a B or better rider then no dont re spring just break it in im 135 and i love stiff suspension my 06 suspension is still stock and i bottom it out every where
  11. MxZack48

    2006 YZ250F LE is comming home

    make sure you break that thing in good especially in the cold weather, set sag between 95-100mm and make sure all ur clickers are even a few of mine were off and dont set them to where u think they should be till suspension is broken in it takes longer with the titanium shock
  12. MxZack48

    video of usa kicking ass at the mxdn

    sweeeet go usa hot sauces pass was great
  13. MxZack48

    Tracey Crash and Interview

    that reminds me of what my buddy did up at rausch and that was 100 feet and hes just startin to walk not very good tho , it happened in june so i doubt hes riding or anything
  14. MxZack48

    What kind of oil do you use?

    I try and change my oil after every ride or race, if i dont ride much in the day your fine to ride on it again, just try and change it like every 6 hours of riding, if your a stickler on it then your bike will last for ages and treat you good, if you use paper filter try and change that every 2 oil changes i use a scotts stainless filter so i dont have to buy a new paper one every time and just clean that every oil change. I use bel ray oil not the synthetic stuff im not sure what its called.
  15. MxZack48

    break in time

    thats the 06 im talkin about there and when i did start hittin the top end here and there sat. i tried not to much it sounded a lil broken up and died on power any one else expeirence this