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  1. Backhand

    How to wheelie

    Pin first nail second...
  2. Backhand

    Tallahassee guys

    Sweet! I just started riding about 16 months ago had a wreck out near the power lines on my TTR 225. I hit a dang 4 wheeler head on, but im tryin to get back into it. So i bought me an 05 WR250F alot more comfortable riding my new thumper. We should go ride sometime nondem Braaaaaaaap!
  3. Backhand

    Tallahassee guys

    Any1 want to go ride? just bought a new WR250F In Tallahassee area
  4. Backhand

    Tracks near Tallahassee

    I Live in Tallahassee and there is a big Pit off of Spring Hill Rd next to the air port, decent place to ride early morning, tons of trails to hit, get a little dangerous to ride after 12:00 PM
  5. Just bought a new Wr250F I was wondering if there is any way to wire up the rear taillight/ break light. Im too slow for the woods so people are always runnin me over. Trying to get the break light to work.