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  1. Hey all! This post comes as more of a curiosity about why it worked rather than a how to thread. I apologize for the long post, but if someone can benefit from my experience, then I can finally give back to these forums that I have benefited from for so long. For those that don't want to read the drivel below, skip to the end and see what the hell I did, and tell me why it may have worked. Background: 04 YZ250F - Stock engine, White Brothers Slipon, jetted for our riding altitude and hot summer temperatures. The bike sat for about 6 months, unfortunately without any prep. (damn kids! ) After thouroughly cleaning the fuel system and cleaning the carb inside and out, replacing every jet (yes, ALL of them), replacing hot start cable/plunger, adjusting valves, checking cable slack... I still had a FREAKING HANGING IDLE!!!!!!! And it ran like shit! I couldn't dial in the idle circuit to save my life! One last thing I checked was to make sure I didn't put the slide in wrong... I was pretty confident I hadn't, but hell, maybe I had one too many beers that night... ...it was in correctly. Whew! After putting the bike back together for the last freaking time , on a whim, I decided to check for cracks in the intake coupler. Got out the starting fluid...fuel screw at 2.25 turns, petcock on, a couple soft TDC kicks, one hard kick, and it fired right up, and purred like a kitten!!! I turned down the idle a bit, let it warm up a little, blip, blip, blip the throddle... NO MORE HANGING IDLE!!!!!! SOLUTION: What the hell did I do? I had no idea... Until my son pointed out that I had neglected to connect the TPS! OK, I know the bike will run ok (sort of) with the TPS disconnected, but it sounded so smooth... like the day I got it. I ran it around the block (5 miles) to check out all the circuits, and it ran great! Holy crap! Wait... it gets better... After the warm-up, I plugged back in the TPS expecting it to run like crap...and it started first kick, and ran just as good!!! Several rides later, and it still runs great... What the hell is going on????? Can anyone tell me why this might have happened? I know the TPS plug is clean and I seated it properly EVERY time I replaced the carb, except the last time, obviously. DID the CDI somehow reset? I'm trying to understand... Thank you in advance, - KeVin
  2. rumplefester

    MT43 trials tire tube question

    Awesome on the rocks here in the desert too. I get an average of 2800 miles on mine (3200 on last one!). Of course I'm cheap, so I run them until the center is practically slick. They still grip like crazy though! Been running them for three years. Use UHD tubes, rim lock, and you seldom have to worry about flats, even at 6psi. Later... - KeVin
  3. The winner must be judicious with them. If you are not careful, you end up HERE!
  4. Orgasmic! Post orgasm euphoria is the closest thing I can equate it to... - KeVin
  5. rumplefester

    Freshening up an FCR39 MX?

    #22 Recently had to replace the same on my YZ250F. - KeVin
  6. rumplefester

    THIS is why I love riding my DRZ!!

    Tortolita Mountains (at the saddle), looking Northwest. - KeVin
  7. rumplefester

    THIS is why I love riding my DRZ!!

    Pirelli MT-43. Fine on the road if you air it up a little. Even at 8lbs it's not really squirrly. The best desert tire I've had yet. - KeVin
  8. rumplefester

    THIS is why I love riding my DRZ!!

    7:00 a.m. 07/31/2011 Cooling monsoon rains the night before, making fresh tracks in the sand... just me, my DRZ, and the rest of the world to explore. Later... - KeVin
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I've decided that I will go with the XCMH. Motorcycle Superstore here I come! Cheers! - KeVin
  10. rumplefester

    linked brakes

    The 2012 Yamaha Super Ténéré has a Unified Braking System. From their website: Obviously microprocessor controlled. Just another "electronic" thing to freak out. I have spent half my career chasing down electronic "gremlins". My big problem with the Yamaha's setup is that I tend to go for the front brake first... - KeVin
  11. I want to try something new in the front... Anyone have experience as to which might be better in the wonderful sandy, hardpacked, prickly, rock-fest terrain we get to ride on here in Southern AZ? I'm on a DRZ400, currently running the Kenda Trakmaster II in front (I like), and the Pirelli MT43 in back (I LOVE). I ride pretty agressively, and some of my miles are on road too. (~10%) Many thanks in advance... - KeVin
  12. rumplefester

    attn arizona riders

    On my YZ250F yes, but try it on a DRZ400!! - KeVin
  13. rumplefester


    Hey Woody!! How the hell you been? Haven't heard from you since Payson. How's the photography biz? Every day I look at the Southwest Misfits Crew poster hanging in my garage and wonder where everyone is. I do miss hanging with the "out" crowd in PHX. Maybe one of these days we can get Tom, Harry, Ben, Tom, Ken, etc. together for a ride? I see that Tom is up to his night riding again. Anyhoo, I hope things are going well for you and your lovely wife these days. I'm about to be an empty nester in a couple weeks. Cheers! - Kevin P.S. Here's a picture for posterity sake...
  14. rumplefester

    attn arizona riders

    That's the way I feel about the Reddington area. Chiva Falls, Bellota Ranch, Castle Rock, etc. Been there, done that. Over and over and over... I'd like someone to show me something new in Reddington... how about on the north side toward San Manuel? Later... - KeVin
  15. rumplefester

    SSW Valve Cover Decals!

    Just get a Clarke tank, and you won't be able to see the valve cover. Sleeper mode preserved! Does the "build" requirment mean the whole motor? What if you only rebuild the head? - KeVin