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    to live and ride in dixie
  1. varusso

    No mess chain lube ?

    I don't ride on rainy days, my chains last 20,000 miles. MFR chain lube is similar to DuPont teflon chain saver without the wax buildup Spray wipe with paper towel reapply, drys clear and repels i reapply when bike gets hard to push
  2. varusso

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Not able to find pre-oiled filter 153156X I contacted Twin Air they said out of stock because of their self life So i ordered sm air filter with greaseless seal 4 in stock $36+ship breathes better than 153156
  3. varusso

    Drz spark issue

    ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432074378.092356.jpg your muffler needs repacking
  4. varusso

    Weird electrical issue

    check the starter solenoid
  5. varusso

    Help! My hands are COLD!

    klim inversion gloves sux dangerously slippery on levers i went to the snowmobile forum for winter gloves years ago the reviews said that motorfist WOT gloves were the best and the temperature range i needed leather palms water resistant thin, great dexterity symtec heated grips oem hand flags
  6. varusso

    Why are sm front rotors so damn expensive...

    I have arashi front and rear rotors and I'm still alive, great reviews from superbike forums make sure arashi name is on the rotors -Front DBS038W -Rear-DBS039W life or death I think this is the only dealer that sell arashi rotors in the usa. the rear rotor has hunter stamp on it? http://www.madhornets.com/front-brake-disc-rotors-suzuki-drz-sm-400-2005-2009/ http://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-Brake-Discs-Rotor-For-Suzuki-DRZ-SM-400-2005-2009-Gold-/151336028166?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item233c548806&vxp=mtr
  7. its the springs and linkage behind the throttle wheel pull the wheel out some, twist back and set the springs and linkage this happens to me every time, I take the phillip screw out
  8. varusso

    Front brake rotor suggestions for drz400s

    http://www.arashimoto.com/product/631.html these rotors fit 400sm this brand is not unsafe, great reviews on moto forums I went cheap and I'm living proof you can also find on ebay cheap but a word of caution "Arashi brand" not a look alike I hope this save somebody some money
  9. O M G I am not taken sides do you want eddie to response so we TT can judge him? SOME as in people "not involved" jumping on the band wagon that live in glass houses, lynch mobbing. O lets go to Colorado and hang him and the people that got rip off just tell us after court what happen stop venting on me
  10. I've been self-employed over 25yrs and I've had workers and on site union employees lie, steal, sabotage, try to destroy my business !!! SOME of ya'll need to easy up on Eddie its not BLACK and WHITE
  11. varusso

    alternate to tool bag?

  12. varusso

    $10 DIY leaky petcock work-around

    http://www.jetsrus.com/individual_parts/KL_18_5038.html Petcock repair kit (SKU 18-5038) $26.99
  13. varusso

    My homemade license plate/tail light assembly.

    I went with 1/8"> Acrylic pexiglass type stuff, cheap easy to work with. bullet poof, I cut a frame in my to save weight, three screws hold tag on many times i've roll back into sometime and bounce off it