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  1. Sawsall

    Biggest POS Contest

    Thanks for the nomination... The Frankenthumper lives!
  2. Sawsall


    It's official name is: ReMoTaRdEd ReDnEcK FrAnKeNtHuMpEr! Me & the kids Had fun painting it... Thanks for the POS nomination! It used to qualify, However, not sure anymore?? No matter what it looks like, It normaly fires up the first kick & hasn't left me stranded anywhere...
  3. Sawsall


    It runs great! I haven't figured out if I like the bars or not, I just threw them on to try them... Because the stem was custom made to make it fit, the nut is in the way of the stock bars so I use some old risers and fliped the bars... I'm going to run them a while then try some drag bars, then maybe some with a little rise to them... Not totaly redneck, just not into all the bling, bling... and not competing with the Jones'... I build what I ride & I ride what I build... At least I'm not bitchin about what exhaust is or isn't gay, I wouldn't know... Seen my other bikes? Look in my photo albums here: http://home.bellsouth.net/personalpages/scripts/community.dll?ep=16&ext=1&groupid=3192&ck=&ver=3.0 If I have to explain, you won't undestand!
  4. Sawsall


    This is for all you that talk about all those mods you do... All the money you spend... I mod my own, weld my own, wrench my own... I laugh when I think how much I saved and still out there tearing it up... Traded some welding work for the bike. 84 XL600R... Put $40 in a pulse generator, put the front-end & wheels I had here that I got free a while back... and $20 in paint... That is a total of $60 & some work... The Frankenthumper:
  5. Sawsall

    1st ride... It's a dog

    Haven't done a compression check, But from the kicker feel, it is good... way more than my triumph... it requires use of the decompression lever. Tuning carbs shouldn't be a problem... I've done banks of 4 carbs on the old SOHC CB750 and other 4 cyl bikes... Basically asking if there are any tips/tricks specific to this bike? Or if the tried & true stuff that is universal is it...
  6. Sawsall

    1st ride... It's a dog

    Got the 84 XL600R running and took it for a ride yesterday... DOGGY! esspecially on the top-end... I took the carbs apart for a good cleaning and everything looked good, I didn't note the jet sizes or the location of the clips on the needles (dumass) It has the stock exhaust that rattles... stuff broken off inside... I'm cheap, but looking for a Supertrapp & a K&N filter... If the carbs are rich & causing the doggyness, that may help... any oldtimes around with experience on the older 2 carb models know any other stuff to wake this one up?
  7. Sawsall

    I have aquired a 194 XL600R

    Thanks guys... The bike is fair... no back fender... I have an old pick-up tool box laying here, so I cut some diamond plate out & bent a fender... The front-end needed rebuilt, but I happened to have a inverted one from a 02 RM125 that was modified by RG-3 so it is now on it... Currently has steet tires/wheels for motard I'm not going to run a front fender
  8. it needed a pulse generator to get it running... Anyway, now that I know it runs, what are some cheap upgrades? I plan on ditching the stock airbox for a K&N pod and a universal slip on Supertrapp... is the stock dual carb system good?