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  1. Thanks for the replies. I kept my RG3 valved forks.
  2. I have a set of forks and shock on my 03 crf450 fully done by RG3 that I love. I'm selling that bike. I'm keeping my 04 CR250 with stock suspension. I have heard that Showa changed some minor internals on the forks for the 04 year. My question is: Do the changes on the 04 forks make them worth keeping verses my fully valved 03's ? I Know I'll have to swap out my springs. Thanks.
  3. Raise your clip position. On my 04 I have the clip at the top with the air screw turned out three turns. I run a 410 main and don't recall what size pilot (maybe 35). There's no nozzle to change on a 04. My bike runs fine. I only ride track and don't lug my bike around (I5 MX, Piru, Cal City MX, LACR:foul: etc.). Hope this helps.
  4. Don't do this! A good rider will go around the slower rider. Hold your line and try to ride smooth and safe.
  5. I took mine (hammer head) to a local fabricator and he cut and added 1/2 inch of length for $20.00. No problems so far.
  6. I agree with a 50 tooth rear sprocket. Seems to work great overall. I have a WC glide plate with the separate engine guards. These work well for MX but I don't ride any rocks or woods. Hagendog, I was looking at your AF and considered buying it. I think whoever bought your bike got a sweet deal. I was wondering if you could give a ride report comparing the 500 to the 450. I currently have a 2004 cr250 and a 2003 crf450. I ride mx and would love to have a 500AF but would like to ride one before I commit to buy or build. Thanks and good luck with your race on Sunday!
  7. Check the reeds. Look for a cracked/chipped corner or a gap between the reed pedal and cage.
  8. Thanks for the response. I just went from a 2003 crf450 to a 2004 cr250. I love riding the two stroke but i would like more overall power. I ride MX in the vet class. The handling of the cr feels like a 125. I don't have any experience with porting an engine. I would pay for the big 280 motor if i knew for sure i would like it. I've considered a 500af conversion but I haven't rode a 500 in 15 years. Im thinking about doing a 265 big bore kit with some porting work to the motor. Did you go that route first and if you did how does it compare to the stroker motor you are running now? Thanks.
  9. Who built the motor and how is the durability? When you say it's the best mx motor you've ever had what are you comparing it to? Thanks.
  10. Can you run 91 octane with that 13.5 to 1 piston?
  11. If you can't win 250f vs. 250f then a 250t will just make you slower. Horsepower is not your friend unless it is smooth and predictable. I love two strokes and spent 20+ years on them but like most people, my lap times are faster on an easier to ride 450 than a hard hitting 250t.
  12. Ummm.....Mike Alessi has them on his factory RMZ (I think).
  13. Altitude can have a huge effect on what fuel to run. Generally, the higher you go, the less octane you need.
  14. GAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. You all need to quit being a bunch of little bitches!! No matter which riders nut's you like to swing off of, we all better pray James gets healed up enough to challenge Ricky. The two first motos of each race were incredible!!!!! Love him or hate him, watching the nationals this year without Stewart will SUCK!!!!!