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    525 Engine Question

    That would be a good idea, but I have a couple problems with that. I race motocross, and have started racing on the national level. A 400ex engine cant quite keep up with the 450s no matter what you do. I was able to at first but now they have learned to ride. A 440 kit is a mid-range motor. My 400 was stock bore with a 11:1 sparks piston. It outran 440s and 450s through bottom end, which is what i needed for the motocross races. The bigger the bore the more I lose on bottom end and gain on top end. Even with a bigger bore a 400 wont catch a 450. Thanks for the help though. I appreciate it.
  2. QuadRider21

    525 Engine Question

    I currently own a Honda 400ex. I recently blew then engine and am planning to stuff a KTM 525sx engine in the frame. I know it can be done but I would liek to know where a good place would be to buy the used parts I will need to complete this project as cheep as possible. I am in college so I dont have a ton of money to play around with. thanks.