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  1. Big Thump

    XR650r Exhaust

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Big Thump

    XR650r Exhaust

    Full systems
  3. would you tell me your thoughts on after market exhaust systems for a XR650r. Coices being Jardine, FMF, Big Guns, Yoshimura, Pro Cuircut and White Brothers. Which would you feel to get better punch throughout the power band?
  4. Big Thump

    Saving Fall.... foot down.

    I thing you might want to try to teach your son when he gets more use to the balance of the bike is when he he puts a foot down make sure he keeps his knee bent a little or he jamb it.
  5. Big Thump

    Z Clutch ?

    Thanks allot Mountainman. Your reply has pretty much made up my mind. The Z Clutch sounds great for my type of riding.
  6. Big Thump

    Z Clutch ?

    Hey Russ, does it work the way they say it will? I've got a XR650r that i'm thinking about installing the Z Clutch on but I don't want to do it if it's not worth it?
  7. Big Thump

    Z Clutch ?

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the Z Clutch and it's reliability?
  8. Big Thump

    Steering Stablizer

    Pardon me for saying so, but I don't think so. Wouldn't that be putting to much preasure on the head bearings. Thanks anyway.
  9. Big Thump

    Steering Stablizer

    Does anyone know if there's a steering stablizer that will work with the stock triple clamp on a 04 XR650R