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  1. merrily

    2003 DRZ400E Idling Issues

    hmm, thanks for the quick reply... would the idle need adjusting if it starts and runs fine for the first half hour or so? i haven't had to mess with carbs in a while and even then, i didn't do much besides sync them every so often. what would cause a high idle that doesn't go down by itself? if i try to stall the bike (hold the brake, ease out the clutch, and then squeeze the clutch back in), the normal idle comes back. but of course, on any other bike, (KLR, VFR, etc), this same process would cause the bike to stall. a little lost here. m.
  2. merrily

    2003 DRZ400E Idling Issues

    i have a 2003 DRZ400S (stock engine) that a high idle when the engine is warm. while the engine is cold, the idle seems to be just fine, puttering along at a slow and steady pace. is this also a lean condition? i just bought it two weeks ago and it's kinda tough to ride on trails with such a high idle since it's going at such a fast pace. thanks for any help. mary.