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    Another conversion question

    "Nothing more fun than going fast on a slow bike." that quote pretty much sums up the whole pit bike frenzy
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    KLX 300 Questions

    Hey I Picked up a KLX300 with some goodies such as the mikuni and a T-4 exhaust protapers and guards in good condition, but the motor needs work.. The head gasket was blown and i j ust found out the head was warped, so im planning on getting it milled down and possibly a port job, i dont know about valves springs a guides, ive seen alot of different articles on this, i was also going to get the high compression piston 2mm over bore by weisco but i want as much reliabiltiy as possible, i work at a local shop as a mechanic and im just looking for advice from ppl that might have experience. i heard stock valves were best and high compression is bad but i want to do as much as i can while its apart, thanks for your guys advice and tips