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  1. Bump ! Anyone done this switch thing? Im planning to add switch to my bike during next two weeks. Hope my EFI box wont blow out !
  2. Anyone has computer EFI tool? Manual says about having three maps. If you make changes to one map will it effect the other maps?
  3. And the year of the bike is 2011.
  4. Hi, I got two great guestions 1. has anyone figured out if its possible to switch maps on fly? I mean the stock map, does not have any wires on plug, and richer map has wire, so if you put switch between the wire on the rich plug you could alter between two maps on fly (between stock and rich). I dont know how the EFI system would react on that. Thats my question. 2. the difference between stock map and rich map. Is it two whole different maps? If I adjust the stock map will the adjustments affect the rich map?. My ultimate goal is to have two maps: - one with nice power (yes, stock map with pipe is enough for me. A little bit too much in fact). I could use this for first half of the race. - one little tamer when i'm tired on the end of the moto any answers are appreciated, Bests from Sweden.
  5. There is no such bike as 04 450 rmz. 05 was the first year for 450.
  6. No, only 5lbs check
  7. Hi fellows, Why always my brakes get spongy after about 15hrs of riding? I thought honda had better brakes but transition to honda did not solve my problem. Could it be becouse of bad brake liquids? cant figure anything else by myself...
  8. My left side case broke from my 09. Chain hit on the metallic chainguard and cracked chainguard bracket away from the case. Now i got a hole in the left case. Chain didnt come off or enything special. Had slack of three fingers on the end of the rubber chain guard. Must be a honda thing...
  9. Thanks gyus for the replies. Actually i usually have a friend who reserves the gate for me. I tried to go as late as possible. If im early, then i spend the extra time for stretching with my coat on that i will lose my warm. Usually here there is 2 hours between motos and i dont have any problems at all for the heat2 even i dont do nothing between motos than eating, stretching and drinking. Me and my friend thinked that its essential to warm up hands. Will try next doing hand warmup by rolling stick with rope hanging on 2lbs weight on it. Ill try to simulate the 1st heat
  10. Hi, I got problems for motocross competitions, in first heat i have severe arm pump after 10 min even i try to start a bit slower than usual. In second heat, I have minimal problems with arm pump, I can ride almoast fast as I can for 20 minutes without having any problems. My riding style is much smoother too in second heat, and my speed is much better. Once I tried GNCC type racing and after 1h 30min riding I could ride as fast as I could without arm pump. WOW ! Obiousley my problems are from lacking pre race warmup. I usually warmup by riding bicycle for 30min stable at heart beat of 150bpm and 10 min of interval riding peaking 170bpm and some cool down. I stop warming 20 min before first heat. I also try to warm up my arms by rolling stick with some weights. This warmup method hasnt helped me. I still got big issues with arm pump in first heat. What to try next? I would like to know how others that have first heat proplems warms up..
  11. Im wondering if suzuki intentionally made bike too rich+lean to get desired engine characteristics? anyway, thanks eddie for great posts. Happy new year to all rmz guys/gals !
  12. I have 40 hrs now on 08, and I have missed a lot of shifts. So in my opinion its not completely bullshit that people blaims about 08 shifting. I changed the stock shifter to sunlines shifter and now its a lot better.
  13. You are wrong. It has a big capacitor to help starting.
  14. Yes, thats my consern. It can be bad also if its not properly dialed in. Actually my suspension has gone trough expert valving. Maybe i just need to send it back and try other settings in it. Fellow 08 zook riders, what have you done to your suspensions and how much do you weight? I weight around 200lbs (90 kg) and the fork and shock feels too soft. Fork is plush wich is good thing but it just blows too easy trough the stroke. I made it stiffer by changing stiffer oils in comp chamber, and putting 10ml extra oil on the outer chamber. Now the mid stroke feels a bit harsh. will send my forks for revalve to get more compression and lower the oil height. Rear shock is quite mysterious to me. First it felt like it was blowing trough the stroke too easilly and also it felt very unstable in high speed chop. My suspension expert added some compression and rebound compression. Now the shock feels better but it still feels a bit funny and i dont have a clue what to do with it... I have hard time to adjust it. Ive got numerous of bikes in past and never have been this confused. Thats why im thinking about öhlins. My sag is around 105mm is it good? and how it changes the handling if i rise it or lower it? thanks for all the replies ive got so far
  15. Hello, anyone tried/have Öhlins TTX44 rear shock in their RMZ450 2008? Stock setup of rear shock really sucks. I tried to shim it to be firmer, but still dont like it. The input from rear wheel is minimal, and shock keeps doing unexpected things. After reading some articles about TTX44 it really got me thinking about buying it.