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  1. Yeah newer are faster, I am used to my 02 now and love it with the little mods I have done. I keep up with brand new YZF's....
  2. use the hot start turn the fuel off, pull in the decomp lever, slowly open throttle right up hold it open and keep kicking it... WHen you hear a small back fire the fuel ahs been burnt. Now try and start it with hot start out with absolutely no throttle! If it still wont go, your plug will be cronically fouled! Replace ans she'll fire up 1st kick
  3. I get around 85 on my WR wringing its poor nect down the straight :-)
  4. You will loose bottem end torque, I would leave it the way it is, my personal preference though...
  5. I reckon WR, you can jump them do most things the YZ can do and keep up, WR more comfortable and better for cross country, you can always "YZ-ify" the WR to get a bit more performance out of it, that will keep you happy, it works for em! WHile my buddies are getting fines for riding an unregistered bike, I have saved alot of money and put it into the bike, rather than pay fines :-)
  6. they all seem to make afew noises.... some times I get paranoid!
  7. I am in NSW Aus, I have my WR tricked up and I have no worries getting it registered, all I do is put a really good silencer on it when rego is needed. I dont use it for road use, just keep it registered to keep me out of trouble, they see the lights and rego sticker/number plate, they leave me alone. When I am on the road, I cruise to minimise the noise... All up about $250 a year it is on the road
  8. depends how much you want to spend and what you want it to do Trail tech make a pretty good one that does milage, avg speed distance etc... but it costa around $180 australian... My mate has one on his RMZ works well and looks great
  9. Wr is a good all round bike, tame, but can make it have more of a "snap" Check out the mods on ther site. Its useful and shows you step by step how to do it yourself, so you save the bucks and also learn how the motor works....
  10. once you have ried them apart may need to bleed the line to get a good smooth presure back in them
  11. If he is really worried about it, check the bore out for damage, if it statrs and runs good, should be ok
  12. I find the standard is quite restrictive, I couldn't imagine wanting to restrict it further, I have put a Staintune on mine and has several silencers you can place on the end. It is alot less rerstrictive and I have managed to modify my complete set up as my pipe has a good flow and is no loner restricted. In answer to your question, I would not try and make it quieter then stock standard, it is designed to be passed legally...
  13. hey mate, just keep the chain the same length as normal, just adjust the rear wheel for right tension/slack.... I find a good O-Ring chain is a goer.
  14. Hi mate, do you have engine noises because they need adjusting?
  15. Howdy people. Anyone else getting engine noise out of their 250F engine? Apparently it may be valve clearence needing adjusting, though I also get some kind of vibration noise too... Other than the noises, she is going great! YZF Timing, Staintune pipe jetting set perfectly, it screams along nciely for me, just afew noises that I worry about... Any help would be awesome Thanks John