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    It is unfortunate for me my local servo has 95 & 98 Ethanol blends and regular 92RON unleaded... I only use regular unleaded so far because of the arguments for and against ethanol. So far it appears fuel companies and Govt Depts recommend Ethanol where as the local mechanics and motor companies do not.
  2. Luxin

    Buying a new 300EXC

    Mate...go with the 525....Just purchased an 07 300EXC and it will not suit on road riding fulltime...or even part time....
  3. Luxin


    Just bought a new 07 300EXC. I have noticed when riding quick tar sections it vibrates through the pegs a fair bit.... Other than that its fine...
  4. Luxin

    Valve Lube

    Nah mate....Motul....It is even a different colour!
  5. Luxin


    Louder the better I say... The StainTune on mine sounds awesome...
  6. Luxin

    Valve Lube

    Hey Just checking to see what guys run Valve Lube... I just purchased my first 4T comming from a strand of 2T... Anyway..I was told to use a valve guard/lube....I have bought Motul Valve Guard... Just checking to see if it is worth it and will it have any positives for the 4T. Thanks Luxin WR450F 03...