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  1. jimhmphry

    throtle responce

    it didnt get better it makes it bog off an idle now my freind is a small engine micanic he tried last night to set it up going from stock on the pilot up three and stock on the main up four and every combination he could think of but nothing seemes to work :thumbsdn:and yes this guy knows what he's doing he re jets evey bodys bike in town :
  2. jimhmphry

    throtle responce

    i turned the screw in all the way and it seemed to get better so i'll go down a jet and see if it gets better thanks!
  3. jimhmphry

    throtle responce

    i've already gone up one jet on the pilot and have my brass plug removed . i have that screw 2 1/2 turns out should i go more ? i'm also about 900 feet above sea levle if this helps .
  4. jimhmphry

    Exhaust Question

    i got the yoshi last week for my drz 125. i'll start with this it's got the most time put in to it and yes my friend has a pro curcit and my bike is quicker i won't say faster because they top out the same . so please stop thrashin on poor yoshi from what i've seen only pepole that own them know that they' spent there $250 on a pipe thats worth $250.
  5. jimhmphry

    throtle responce

    when i rip the throtle on my drz 125 it bogs then takes off . i had a 105 jet in it at first but i've gone up to a 110 all of the free mods are done and i have a k&n air filter and a yoshi pipe. i tried the neddle shim mod even and nothing changed with the 105 or 110 any ideas ?
  6. jimhmphry

    hp + 3 ?

    will a cam and an exhaust give you 3 more hp on a drz 125? has any one tryed more than one exhaust on this bike whats best?
  7. jimhmphry

    hot cam for drz 125

    dose any one have the torque specs for in stalling it? and dose it make a big diffrence ?
  8. jimhmphry

    yoshi pipe

    Has any one used a yoshi pipe on a drz125 ? I think it looks sweet! :applause:go to yoshi's site and check it out.I think this is the one i want.