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  1. Yes, I swap wheels between my 08 YZ450f and my 12 YZ250. No problems, same wheels.
  2. masonsg1

    New 2012 YZ125 problems, need help please

    @FGR01, Thank you, yes I should have been more clear. I would never mean to suggest actually riding with no filter. Aside from the age of the mixed fuel the only known changed variable is the filter. Seems like a good place to start. Replace old fuel with fresh new mix and ensure a properly oiled filter. It seems logical to try this before getting too deep into jetting/mechanical changes.
  3. masonsg1

    New 2012 YZ125 problems, need help please

    Did you try running it without the air filter? Ive seen a very similar problem on the same bike. Unexplained fouling and very poor running, only to find out it was the result of a too heavily oiled air filter. It can't hurt to try it.
  4. I doubt Yamaha is going to stop production of the old YZ next year but either way the updated 2012 KTM 150SX is looking very appealing.
  5. masonsg1

    Sunline Wheels?

    I have a set of sunline. I was a little cautious about buying them because there was so little info out there. I have about 45hrs on them now and haven't had any issues with them. They are currently my favorite wheel set to date. They ride and handle much better than my Talon/excels. They look awesome too.
  6. masonsg1

    Not a YZ, but check out Decotis on a 125!

    That is awesome. Two strokes are so much fun!
  7. masonsg1

    Anyone use "NO TOIL " ?

    I have used the cleaner and oil, spray and bottle for years. I love the stuff, especially the cleaner. There may be oils that are just as good but the cleaner does a great job and is really nice to use. I don't know anything about the new formula though.
  8. masonsg1

    Chad Reed is killing the tortoises lol

    The whole situation sucks! There are people that will complain just for the sake of complaining and they need to just shut up but we definitely have a sound issue. Our bikes are very loud! We definitely need to do something. 24 acres is not that much land and that nursery is not very far away. I'm sure reeds bike sounds damn good (ie very loud) from their location. We better do something about it or our outrageously overreaching/overbearing government will!
  9. masonsg1

    thinking of buying a yz250f

    BTW knowing what I know now I think I would just get a new yz250 as opposed to switching to a four stroke. You might be better off figuring that out on your own though.
  10. masonsg1

    thinking of buying a yz250f

    If you are in the position to ride whatever you want then give it a shot. Nothing wrong with branching out or experimenting. How else are you going to know what you like best? I never even considered two strokes until recently, now my bike of choice is a yz125! I still have a 450f but it doesn't get much use anymore. You may like the F more or you may not but at least you will know why.
  11. masonsg1


    NO TOIL oil and cleaner is by far the best way to go! It is so easy and the cleaner is nice and clean to work with and it really works well.
  12. masonsg1

    yz 125 prices

    MudBog, I just went through the same thing. I ended up making a deal for a new 08 with a dealer out of SC (Im in VA). $5k otd. He started at the same price you are being quoted and it took about two weeks before he came down to the 5k otd. Either work on the guy or just keep looking around. I will tell you I did have a hard time finding one though. Good luck.
  13. masonsg1

    yz 125 prices

    Does Yamaha of Lumberton have a website?
  14. masonsg1

    OTD price for YZ125?

    So I pulled the trigger and picked it up for 5k otd. After the break in and first ride I was seriously questioning my decision to purchase it. This was mostly from my lack of 2t riding ability. Coming off of a 450f onto a 125 requires a significant change in riding technique. Now that I have a few rides on it though I am completely obsessed with this bike and cant believe how much fun it is to ride! When I ride my 450 I am now blown away by the power delivery however it comes with a big price. It feels very overweight and cumbersome in comparison. I am so impressed with how light and agile the 125 is I am now considering trading my yz450f for a new yz250! I love riding and enjoy both 2 and 4 strokes but I am very pleased with my new purchase and just may be a complete 2t convert.
  15. masonsg1

    OTD price for YZ125?

    Well it looks like the price is now $5000 otd. I guess the guy does want to sell it. It still feels like a lot of money for a 2008 but I don't think I'll be able to find a better deal. Since this includes shipping across two states it might actually be a really good deal. I guess I have to do it. I've never owned a modern 2 stroke, I hope its as much fun as everybody says!