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  1. If anyone out there has had a total knee replacement and still riding mx, how are things going? How long has it been since your total knee? thanks.
  2. n2motox

    Adding Exhaust to 2011 450

    Are you talking about the little modules that you can plug in behind the number plate? How many did your bike come with? Mine only came with the grey (richer) one.
  3. n2motox

    Adding Exhaust to 2011 450

    Thanks for the GOOD replies. Appreciate the info.
  4. n2motox

    Adding Exhaust to 2011 450

    Guys, I was hoping for some insightful responses here. Not a bunch of questions to my questions about why I want to make my bike lounder. The root of the question centers around whether or not adding an exhaust system is really worth the money (performance wise AGAIN) or should I just add a muffler so that I can at least hear my bike on the starting line. Do any of you actually have a 2011 RMZ450 and if you do, do you actually race it? If you do, then you know what I mean. I was really hoping that someone would take the time to actually answer my questions. I asked them because I thought someone out here would have some insight on any modifications that would need to be made after adding a pipe AND whether adding a pipe really made a difference in the performance or not. So, I know you guys are thinking "what a jerk" but I really just wanted some answers to my questions. Too much to ask?
  5. n2motox

    Adding Exhaust to 2011 450

    The 2011 450 in stock form sounds sooooo bad (quiet). I'd like to add an exhaust in some form of fashion. So here are my questions: Should I add just a muffler? Should I add the complete exhaust? I mean, will adding the complete exhaust make that big of difference? I had heard that Suzuki had to mess with the timing on the 11 because of trying to meet the sound requirements so, when I do add an exhaust am I going to have to mess with the mapping or timing? Thanks.
  6. n2motox

    2005 rmz 450

    I got mine new and still have it. It has been a very good bike.
  7. n2motox

    05 RMZ 450 fast idle

    Thank you. I'll give them a try and get back with you.
  8. n2motox

    05 RMZ 450 fast idle

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have any ideas as to why my 05 RMZ450 has begun to idle a lot faster after I've been riding it for a while? I've had the bike since new and has been a very good bike. Very few problems what so ever. Thanks, Barry