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  1. i'd recommend the simpler air cooled 230, or the ttr 250. The 230 is a lot smaller and lighter. I have a triple clamp and bbr fork and shock springs on my crf 150, and that really makes the bike feel more comfortable. The suspension is really soft on the crf 230 and the ttr 250. Good for casual trail riding. the liquid cooled bikes will much better for fast riding. I'm guessing you are more of a casual rider, thus the harley. I'd recommend the 230 personally.
  2. junkie650

    Think this tire will fit my 150?

    I"ve got a dunlop gt501 110/90/19 front tire on the rear of my 150. You should not have any clearance problems as far as your swingarm and chain are concerned, but you will need to remove the rimlock. it will "pinch" the bead of the tire and not let it expand all the way, leaving you with a "flat spot". You will also want to run around 25 psi or more to make sure the tire doesn't spin on the rim since the rimlock is removed. You will also have a lot of unused rubber..."chickenstrips" on the sides since the tire is designed for a much wider rim.
  3. junkie650

    Dual sport CRF150 good or not

    If you are gonna consider doing d/s-ing the 150, then you will need to run a 14 tooth front sprocket, as well as drop a couple teeth on the rear. With the distance you are going, I'd go to the kawasaki dealer and get a ninja 250. $3000 for a bike that will do 100mph, and give you about 70 mpg.
  4. junkie650

    Powroll Thrust Chamber. Anyone have one?

    I don't know about the thrust chamber, but it seems like the thrust nozzle would be the better way to go, unless you really need the spark arrestor. The nozzle just smoothes out the air flow in the muffler.
  5. junkie650


    try electrix. you may need to try alternate spellings, but they also have lighting and d/s kits. they are pretty much the same as baja designs though.
  6. Adding the linkage alone will raise the rear without raising the front, which will give you less(?) rake and trail which will sharpen up your steering. It will turn sharper. That's good for slow speed stuff, but if you do a lot of higher speed riding, the bike won't be as stable. It will be much more twitchy at speed, harder to hold a straight line, and could even lead to a "tankslapper" which leads to a high-side. Neither is fun. If you spend a lot of time going slow, it's great though.
  7. junkie650

    Handel Bar Selection

    You can try renthal or pro taper, in the cr bend, Hi or Lo. Make sure you get the bars in 7/8 inch though.
  8. Just keep messing with it. Be persistent, but not too forceful. It'll come off.
  9. junkie650

    Ha, the truth comes out!

    I had the same thing happen when I tried to make a track. Had a great layout, alot of the guys I spoke to said they would help,blah blah blah...needless to say that the projest was abandoned right about the time for the real work to begin, when I really did need the help. Of course it was pretty much a solo effort all along.
  10. junkie650

    Questions... 2006 KLX250S

    I've been kinda wondering the same thing. Lately I've been looking at the new 250 as a commuter since it seems like it would make good commuter bike. I'm more looking at intake and exhaust mods. I know this doesn't answer your questions at all...
  11. junkie650

    How many "adult" 150/230 owners?

    I'm 33, been riding 21 years between dirt bikes, quads, and street bikes. I stepped down from a drz 400 and an sv 650, to a crf 150. I just wanted something to cruise the trails and wiggle between the trees on. Don't need 40 or more horsepower to do that. In a couple years I may get either a drz 400sm or one of those new ninja 650's. Want something light weight but still comfortable and capable of highway speeds.
  12. junkie650

    Whats next?

    Well, this may be a little too big a jump, but I know where you can find a brand new 03 suzuki drz 400e for $4000. It was "buried" in the warehouse, and forgotten about. this is a brand new bike, goes new for somewhere around $5500-$6000. The dealer simply wants to move it out. Send me a message, and I'll send you the contact info.
  13. junkie650

    New Bars??

    Yeah, a lot of the guys in this forum are young and new to motorcycles, so I try to keep my answers in simple terminology, until asked a more in depth question.
  14. junkie650

    03 drz 400e

    The local dealership at my house recently found an 03 drz 400e "buried" in the warehouse and want to move it out. They are asking $4000 for it. If I could afford it, it would be mine, but I can't, so I told them I'd try to find a buyer. This is a brand spanking new bike, test ridden a couple times, that's it. If you are interested, send me a message and I'll pass the contact info on to you. I only check this forum once, maybe twice a day, so it may take a bit to get the info out.
  15. junkie650

    03 drz 400e

    The local dealer near my house recently found an 03 drz 400e "buried" in the warehouse. They told me they are asking $4000 for it. This is a brand spanking new bike. They are wanting to move it out of their stock. If I could afford it myself, it would be mine, but alas, I can't. If anyone is wanting to get a really good deal on a new 03, send me a message and I can pass on the info to you. I will also check this thread once or twice a day. These are some good friends of mine at this dealership, and I told them I'd try to find a buyer.