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  1. fudd

    XT225 for me? help please

    I purchased a '97 XT about 7 years ago with 1900 miles on it. Now has around 10,000 miles including 5 trips to Hatfield & McCoy. The thing has been virtually indestructible. I have put it through heck while trying to keep up with sons/friends on ttrs/crfs and have yet to kill it. I have not even been able to rip off any of the turn signals and all still work. Have had to replace head gasket, front sprocket seal, tires, chain/sprockets, and battery and that is basically it. I think the bike believes it is an off road beast. Not to mention over 70 mpg on hard road. Luv my XT.
  2. fudd

    Footpeg mount tore out of frame!

    Son rides '06 TTR250. Came down off of small jump in woods and tore footpeg out of frame - bracket and all. Appears initial crack was along top weld as there is rust showing. Anyone heard of any problems with these welds? What is frame made of? Will be taking to the local welding shop to see what they think. Looks like the piece will fit right back into hole in frame and be welded up.
  3. fudd

    Stolen Bikes: Homeowner's Insurance???

    I have carried a separate policy on all of our bikes after being told the same thing. Full coverage is running about $60/yr and takes any gray area out of the equation with insurance co.
  4. fudd

    Rear spokes ttr230?

    1 week from trip to H&M and find 2 rear spokes on sons '07 TTR230 that wont tighten. One on both sides located at bead lock. Is there a part # to order single spokes for both sides? If not I am going to wire them together and check every evening. Any advice appreciated.
  5. Neighbor boy riding KLX125 needed gas while riding at cousins yesterday. Since gas was added bike has been cutting out.....no power. Living on farm my first guess was diesel fuel or 2-stroke mix had been mistakenly added? I went over today and drained gas tank dry...added fresh gas. Also pulled sparkplug and it was all sooted over. Cleaned up plug with emery cloth and reinstalled. Bike now starts easily but still cuts out at high rpm? I suggested a new plug and continued riding? Any other tips? (could not get drain screw on carburator to loosen so bowl wasnt drained down......my hope was clean gas+clean plug+extended riding = no cutting out)
  6. fudd

    family riding vacation - east

    We are going to H&M in 3 weeks......will be our 3rd annual trip. We will be riding for 4 days - riding a different trail system each day. Makes it really nice when you can ride all morning - ride into town for lunch - and then ride all afternoon. The locals have been very hospitable - even opening up store after hours last year so we could purchase some souveniers. The trail systems are well marked and the maps are also done well.
  7. My son has been thinking about trading in his '04 CRF150 for a good used '04 CRF250X. The 250 has been well maintained and is in overall good condition. Most of his riding is around farm with weekend trail riding trips when possible. My biggest fear is getting away from "low maintenance" air cooled thumper and going to (what appears to an old-timer) a "higher maintenance" liquid cooled engine? Anyone have any soothing words of confidence before the money changes hands?