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  1. BajaRat

    got my 2008 450 EXC-R today!

    Will an IMS or Clarke from a 2004-06 ???EXC fit on the 2008????? Anyone know for sure? Thanks
  2. I have a new to me 250 that is a PITA to start. Had valves adjusted at stealership and carb cleaned.......Still a bitch to satrt.....Do I need to richen the jetting? Can anyone PLEASE help with specific help on this bike or else I am going to burn this POS. Thanks.
  3. BajaRat

    XR 650 Electric Start?

    Have run a search with no results for electric start for 650R. I would sure appreciate feedback from people that now have the button on their 650r's. Please help me with gathering info on this as I am a veteran with a lot of hardware in my right leg and I get tired trying to start on cold days, and spills. Thanks.
  4. Just picked up a 2001 KLR 250 for my son....It has been difficult to start consistently. I am at sea level (Houston, TX) and it seems like it floods easily? When I turn ignition key on, nothing lights up.....neutral light, etc.....Is battery shot? Would that have any effect on difficult to start issue? I start of by moving choke lever to left 1/4 inch or so, no throttle and kick....I have only gotten it to fire off one time that way. Should I use more choke? Previous owner had loosened choke lever set screw and would hold lever with thumb while starting...Is there something to this? I would sure appreciate any help on proper starting technique......SHould I also change plug? Or is that a given for a new to me bike? thanks.......